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The perfect finishing touch

So how can you make your cakes, desserts, coffees and hot chocolate just that bit extra special? Easy: all it takes is a little touch of whipped cream. And as well as making them even more delicious you'll be able to sell them for more too!

Even better, a whipped cream dispenser from Taylor UK lets you dispense the perfect amount of whipped cream at the touch of a button without the hassle, mess, waste and sheer hard work of hand-whipping.

Benefits of a Cream Whipper from Taylor:

  • 'In place' cleaning system
  • Save up to 40% on cream costs
  • High overrun means lower product costs
  • Cream will hold for up to 4 hours in a refrigerated display without collapsing
  • Saves time and effort compared with hand whipping
  • Suitable for fresh or UHT creams
  • Portion control as standard
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