Boutique Hotel Chain, Z Hotels choose TurboChef

Boutique Hotel Chain, Z Hotels choose TurboChefSo what do you need for an Urbanite Stay? The essential comforts, crisp bed linen, an en suite wet room achingly stylish design. Plus the city on your doorstep; so you can work or play as late as you like – then simply saunter back to your Z Hotel, drop into the Z Cafe for a refresher and some great food, then off to Z bed.

Russ Bodycomb, Operations Director for Z-Hotels came to Taylor UK looking for a solution for the problem posed by their Z-Café…

The main issue was space; they had insufficient room to build a kitchen and certainly didn’t have the ability to fit expensive extraction systems required for traditional cooking equipment. The solution was TurboChef. The ventless* accreditation of the TurboChef ovens make them ideal for these situations. The stylish design of the Sota oven makes it ideal for small back counter operations and the simple programmability means that virtually anyone can use it!

Russ stated, “We wanted to create a culture within our team to ensure all of our staff could perform all of the catering tasks in an endeavour to break away from the traditional hotel food and beverage offering. But how could we provide quality food as we don’t have a chef or a kitchen?

Boutique Hotel Chain, Z Hotels choose TurboChefWe found the answer when we discovered TurboChef ovens, which have provided us with the ability to produce exciting food merely at the touch of a button. The Sota allows us to produce quality food in addition to ensuring food is heated to the correct food safety guidelines.

Taylor UK have provided us with first class support including ongoing menu development and staff training ensuring we get the very best results from our oven. We would be lost without the Sota as it is key to our food and beverage offer and they will definitely feature in all our future hotels”.

Z-Hotels currently have three city centre hotels in their estate; London Soho, London Victoria and Liverpool. Each site has a TurboChef Sota producing everything from hot bacon & egg rolls in the morning to light lunches and snacks throughout the day. For more information on the Z-Hotels or to book a room, check out their website

*Ventless certification is for all food items except for foods classified as “fatty raw proteins”. Such foods include; bone-in, skin-on chicken, raw hamburger meat, raw bacon, raw sausage, steaks etc. If cooking these types of foods, it is the customers responsibly to contact their local authority to ensure compliance with ventilation requirements.

For more information on how the TurboChef ovens could help your business, call the Taylor UK Sales Hotline free on 0800 838896, e-mail us at  or visit our website

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