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FleurMimis_Banner_640pxFleur & Mimi’s is the self-confessed, ‘Latest Ice Cream Sensation’ in North Devon…

Ideally located on Ilfracombe’s harbour wall, Fleur & Mimi’s is perfectly located to capture as much passing trade as possible, both during the busy summer months but also in the winter when visitors are out walking along the harbour wall.

Paul Prideaux opened Fleur & Mimi’s a few years ago for his two daughters to run, who incidentally are called Fleur and Mimi… The shop started off as a traditional Cornish ice cream parlour, serving ice cream by the scoop along with all the usual other items which you would expect. But, as you would also expect in any seaside town, the choice of places to stop for ice cream in Ilfracombe is quite extensive and competition is fierce.

18950967_799547650209350_6431943001981487839_nWith so much competition each business strives to have the edge over the next, so when Andy Morgan from Taylor UK walked through the door and presented the brand new Flavor Blend concept to Fleur and Mimi, they knew that they had found the next BIG thing to separate them from everyone else!

We asked Paul a few questions…

How did you discover the Flavor Blend System?

New_250“I discovered the Taylor Flavor Blend system when our local Taylor rep, Andy, dropped by and introduced the concept to us at the end of the 2016 season.”

“It seemed like a great idea and something truly original. So in early 2017 we made the investment and committed our advertising wholly towards the Flavor Blend product.”

Fleur_Mimi_AM_2_090617“We now use the Taylor C708 as a floor standing machine which conveniently holds the Flavor Blend syrup system in the cabinet underneath.”

How has Flavor Blend impacted your business?

“There has been a tremendous response from our customers, it’s fair to say we have had a significant impact on our competition and increased our soft ice cream sales significantly.” 
“The Flavor Blend ice cream is a real talking point.”

You have made significant efforts with your advertising and promoting the product, do you think that’s the main key to your success?

“The best advertising is customers walking away from our shop with an ice cream in their hand. This is closely followed by dressing up the shop in such as way that everyone knows where to come to buy what they have seen!”

How have your local, regular customers responded to Flavor Blend?

“Over the winter period we have started to sell tubs of ice cream via just “Just Eat” these are delivered to the surrounding areas. We would normally turn off our soft ice cream machine during the winter, instead we are now still making profit and offering something no one else is doing.” 

Why don’t you visit Fleur & Mimi’s when your in Devon on your holidays, they can be found at:

Fleur & Mimi’s, 5 The Quay, Ilfracombe, Devon, EX34 9EQ

Facebook: @fleurandmimis

For more information about Flavor Blend Systems 

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