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Sharkeys_LogoFather and son team take over a deserted old pharmacist building in Nottingham and turn it in to a new, independently run, quick service restaurant that’s perfectly located to service the needs of the students of Nottingham University.

Shakeys_Lounge_ShakeShakeys Lounge was born in early 2018, they offer a wide range of fast casual menu items including, but certainly not limited to, burgers, pizzas, hot wraps, peri-peri chicken and grilled sandwiches. With it’s great location in the city centre of Nottingham and a large number of students passing throughout the day, customer throughput isn’t an issue. But they needed to find something unique that would make their restaurant standout from all of the other fast food establishments in the city.

The Shakeys team wanted to offer something different to the other fast food outlets in the city, following a little ‘Googling’ they quickly found Taylor UK and the unique products which they supply…

Flavor Burst ShakeGuys at Shakeys contacted Taylor UK and a consultation meeting was set up with Paul Richards the Sales Manager for the Midlands. Paul advised the team at Shakeys that the popular Taylor 430 shake machine along with the unique Flavor Burst system traditionally sells very well in similar establishments. With high profit margins, little maintenance and with very little preparation time it seemed a ‘no brainer’ to go with this… Who doesn’t like burgers and shakes anyway?

But the Shakeys team really wanted to add something to their offer which was truly unique to attract more of the large passing footfall and give them a genuine impulse purchase.

FlavorBlend Ice Cream

Flavor Blend Systems

Paul also introduced them to the new Flavor Blend soft serve ice cream system to run alongside the shake machine. This would add something unique to the store, giving Shakeys the ability to offer nine different flavours of soft serve from one soft serve freezer, all at the touch of a button. And better yet, no other operator in the city sells anything like the Flavor Blend!

Taylor C708 FlavorBlend STDShakeys ordered a Taylor 430 shake machine with Flavor Burst to offer nine different milkshakes and a Taylor C708 high capacity, 14 day clean soft serve freezer with Flavor Blend to serve nine great soft serve options. Installation and operator training was carried out with one of Taylor’s own, directly employed engineers. The store opened in April 2018 and the reception from Shakeys customers was fantastic with reviews on social media commenting that their shakes and soft serve desserts are AMAZING!

Mohammed Fasial, Director of Shakeys added; “It was a big decision to add the Taylor equipment, but it’s absolutely the right one for the business. We sell shakes and desserts with high profit margins and attract customers in from all over the city by offering something different. We are continuing to grow and without doubt will be adding more Taylor equipment to new stores which we open.”

Mr Fasial continued; “The Flavor Burst shakes and the Flavor Blend soft ice cream is really eye catching, so when we sell these as a takeout people see them and want one straight away. It’s the best form of advertising you can get!”

You can check out Shakeys for yourself, they can be found at:

Shakeys Lounge, 40 Shakespeare Street, Nottingham, NG1 4FQ

Facebook: @shakeyslounge

If your local, you can also order via Deliveroo….

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