Delicious Gelato is Exciting, Profitable, Trendy and in Demand!


GelatoFreshly made Premium Gelato, is the perfect dessert choice to fit consumer demands for a decadent dessert. Gelato the Italian word for ice cream, is quite different from regular scooped ice cream as it is made with natural ingredients, is served at a warmer temperature which provides a silkier texture, and has a surprisingly lower in fat content than traditional ice cream, yet with a higher flavour intensity. Visually, gelato is stunning when decorated and displayed correctly, thereby driving customer curiosity and appeal which undoubtedly will lead to high levels of sales and profitability.

Highly profitable

With profit margins of 80% or more gelato is an extremely lucrative addition to your business, and as consumer tastes change, the frozen dessert flavours made in your batch freezer can also change, therefore your gelato dessert menu is always ‘in vogue’ and of course highly profitable.

For as few as 30 dessert sales a day your annual profits after VAT and ingredients costs say for a ‘Banana Longboat’ could be as much as £30,000 – this assumption is based on retailing a banana longboat at £3.95, less VAT, and product costs of approximately £0.60p

Trendy and In Demand

The key success to selling gelato is in the quality of ingredients used and the presentation. Gelato should be displayed in a way to draw attention to the elegance of the product and to entice the customer to experience the authentic taste.

In addition to supplying batch freezers, pasteurisers and aging vats we can offer the outstanding range of ISA display cabinetry

Whether you are new to the world of gelato or have years of experience, Taylor UK will offer you the knowledge you will need to make your gelato sales soar. We will even offer you personalised training at our Slough demonstration kitchen before you progress to place an order, and what’s more should you wish we can even design your ice cream area/parlour at no charge whatsoever.

Call now for more information on 0800 838896 or visit our website namely, and don’t forget to ask about our very special price reductions on all artisan equipment available until the 31st April 2013.

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