Equipment Focus - Turbochef HhC 1618

Equipment Focus – Turbochef HhC 1618Powerful, compact and easy to use…

TurboChef’s 1618 High h Conveyor Oven

The Turbochef 1618 conveyor oven offers businesses of any size the ability to cook a wide range of quality products FAST. With its small footprint, lower energy consumption but with high cooking performance, the 1618 is the perfect oven to help businesses develop a range of grab and go products to sell to their customers. All without the need for large, cumbersome and slower equipment.

Equipment Focus – Turbochef HhC 1618Cook pizzas, garlic breads, potato wedges, open sandwiches, chicken wings, burgers, bake cookie dough, cook pastries, to name but a few. With a cook time of anything from 15 seconds to 15 minutes, the 1618 is versatile and user friendly to cook most menu items.

Customers love the programmability, the speed and consistency that the 1618 maintains. It is small enough to fit in most kitchens, making it perfect for any application from kiosk takeaways to full service restaurants. With the option of ventless or non-ventless operation, you really have a cost effective, durable and very easy to use, consistent oven which can be install almost anywhere.

Upgrade and downsize at the same time…

The High h Conveyor 1618 offers high-heat transfer rates for accelerated cooking, a small enough footprint to fit virtually any application.

Standard features:

  • Small footprint with a 16″ wide cook chamber opening.
  • Independently-controlled top and bottom air impingement.
  • Variable-speed High h recirculating impingement airflow system.
  • Stackable design up to 3 high (requires stacking kits).
  • Variable-speed blower motors – top and bottom independently controlled.
  • Easy to clean mono-finger design.
  • Idle mode for energy conservation.
  • Built-in self diagnostics for monitoring oven components, reduces downtime.
  • Left or right feed conveyor belt direction via software.
  • Includes plug and cord (6 ft.).
  • Includes two 6″ conveyor extensions.
  • 36″ conveyor belt assembly.

Optional features:

  • 48″ conveyor belt assembly.
  • 12″ or 16″ conveyor extensions.
  • Dual catalytic converters for ventless operation.

How they work

Our unprecedented High-h air impingement and available catalyst technology heats food faster than any other conveyor on the market and allows the HhC 1618 oven to operate ventless. The easy-to-use control system offers eight cooking profiles that precisely control temperature, belt speed, and independent top and bottom airflow.

Equipment Focus – Turbochef HhC 1618

  1. Blower Motors.
  2. Air Impingement top & bottom.
  3. Catalytic Converters (optional).
  4. Conveyor Motors.


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