Equipment Review: Taylor UK introduces New Millennium Ice Cream Cabinets for 2014

Millennium SPAs the New Year begins, ISA has launched two brand new versions of the already successful Millennium range of ice cream cabinets. The perfect addition to any food service operator for the 2014 season

Have you ever thought of selling scoop ice cream or gelato? Does the idea of selling high quality, eye catching desserts seem like a great idea? Are you looking for a unique product which separates you from all the other ice cream vendors? Then the ISA Millennium range of ice cream dipping cabinets could be the solution for you…

By purchasing a Millennium ice cream display case, you could add scoop ice cream to your existing operation simply and with minimal fuss. Designed to accommodate industry standard 5 litre Napoli ice cream containers, the ISA range of ice cream cabinets can be used with any commercially available ice cream products, alternatively you can use the Millennium cabinet to showcase your own, bespoke homemade ice cream, gelato or sorbets. Having an aesthetically pleasing, eye catching display is the key to selling scoop ice cream; the Millennium range of professional cabinets is the perfect, cost effective solution to achieving this.

Millennium Display Cabinets

The features of the ISA Millennium Ice Cream Cabinets include:

Style & Design; now available with three different glass options, the Millennium cabinets can blend into most existing operations without the necessity to change the entire counter.

Simple operation; the cabinets come completely set up for operation from the factory, but the temperature can be set from anywhere between minus 21°C to plus 5°C.

Easy to clean; the one-piece stainless steel tub construction ensures easy cleaning and the self rolling night curtain prevents airborne contamination.

Mobile; the Millennium range is built with onboard compressors as standard and can be fitted with discrete castors allowing the unit to be moved easily.

Customisable; available in a wide range of different colours, the front panels can be customised to suit most applications.

Flexible; the Millennium cabinets are available in a number of different sizes; 12, 16, 18, 20 or 24 flavours. Multiple cabinets can be placed together giving unlimited options.

Options available:

Millennium Cabinets

Millennium Cabinets

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