Equipment Review – TurboChef 1618 High h Conveyor – Hi-performance pizza perfection!

Equipment Review – TurboChef 1618 High h Conveyor – Hi-performance pizza perfection!Do you need high throughput potential and the ability to cope with massive demand but are really short on space?

Need a high capacity cooking solution but are conscious about energy consumption and running costs?

The NEW conveyor oven from TurboChef could be the perfect solution for you…

Equipment Review – TurboChef 1618 High h Conveyor – Hi-performance pizza perfection!Cook 12” fresh dough pizzas, from scratch, in only 2 minutes 45 seconds!

The NEW incarnation of the successful TurboChef conveyor range is the 1618 High h Conveyor. All of the technology of its bigger brothers but in a compact small footprint which makes it the perfect solution for the operator who’s tight on space. Available in two different overall belt lengths; either 36” or 48”, the 1618 conveyor can squeeze into a space no other conveyor oven of comparable throughput can.
Maximise your counter space by stacking up to three ovens on top of each other!
Conveyor ovens aren’t just for baking pizzas. They can be used to cook almost anything that you can in a conventional convection oven. The programmability of the TurboChef conveyor range allows the operator to pre-set eight cooking profiles; controlling the ovens
Equipment Review – TurboChef 1618 High h Conveyor – Hi-performance pizza perfection!
temperature, the air speed coming from the top and bottom jet plates independently from one and other and also the speed at which the belt moves. Giving the oven the ability to cook delicate items like cookies through to fast toasting of open sandwiches and pizzas with the push of a button.

Some Key features of the TurboChef 1618 High h Conveyor include:

Small footprint – The counter top design allows the oven to be located almost anywhere. With the small 36” belt option, the 1618 conveyor fits takes up less than 1 metre square.
Vent-less* operation – when fitted with the optional catalytic converter, the 1618 conveyor can be located away from or without expensive extraction systems allowing the oven to be installed almost anywhere.
Consistency – the easy operation ensures that menu items are cooked to perfection each and every time regardless of the staff member on duty, ensuring product consistency and quality.
Flexibility – The programmability allows the conveyor to be used to cook a wide range of different types of product maximising operational use of the oven.
Energy reduction – All of the TurboChef conveyor ovens have an idle mode which allows the oven to conserve energy at quite times whilst maintaining a state of readiness should it be needed quickly.
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