Equipment Review - Why choose a TurboChef?

Equipment Review – Why choose a TurboChef?Turbochef rapid cooking, but why?

Toast a Panini in 50 seconds, roast chicken wings in less than 3 minutes, bake a salmon en-croute in 2 1/2 minutes or prepare a full English breakfast in less time than it takes to make a cup of tea!

Cook all of the above and much, much more using a versatile rapid cook oven manufactured by Turbochef.

You may have seen one of TurboChef’s ovens adorning the back counters of countless other QSR businesses around the UK including your localEquipment Review – Why choose a TurboChef? Subway, Greggs and Starbucks. As a key distributor of the ovens, Taylor UK has been selling these fantastic ovens for over 7 years, our experienced sales managers, culinary development team and aftersales support means that there’s a good chance that you’ve eaten a product cooked through a TurboChef and not even realised it! But you would have benefited from the quick cook times without any compromise to the quality of the finished product.

Equipment Review – Why choose a TurboChef?Dave Bradford; Taylor UK’s Sales Manager for the south east of England recently commented: “I just love selling these ovens. It really makes a difference to peoples business; it ensures the quality of products being sold by cooking consistently each and every time irrespective of who is using it, whether it’s a fully qualified Chef or the Saturday casual staff, the end result is always the same… FANTASTIC!”

Dave added; “The ovens have the added bonus of being  UL-certified ventless*, meaning they can be placed almost anywhere without the need for expensive extraction systems. The ovens have a built in catalytic converter which ‘scrubs the air’ taking away the smells and smoke from the cooking chamber before it recirculates it back into the oven. This prevents cross contamination of flavours and also increases the ovens energy efficiency as it re-uses the same hot air opposed to heating up cold air all the time.”

The TurboChef range of rapid cook ovens utilise three methods of cooking; Infra red heat, impinged airflow and microwave technology. These elements are programmable in a veryEquipment Review – Why choose a TurboChef? precise way, making sure menu items are perfectly cooked – crisp and browned on the outside and hot in the middle giving you the confidence that when you serve the product your customers they will be happy ones which will come back time and time again!

A key market for the TurboChef Sota is the cafe, coffee shop and grab ‘n’ go sectors. These busy operations have high demands, requiring fast turnaround ensuring queues and waiting times are kept to a minimum. The Sota is perfect for this environment with the average cook time for hot sandwiches being 60 seconds meaning customers get their food quicker, turning more customers around and increasing the profits of the business.

Equipment Review – Why choose a TurboChef?

TurboChef Sota 13amp

Compare the 13amp version of the Sota to a conventional contact grill which takes around 3 to 4 minutes to toast the average Panini; the TurboChef sota has a faster cook time of 60 seconds, reduced energy costs as it only draws 750W when it’s not being used, creates a better working environment as excess heat and smells are trapped within the oven. All of these benefits and the product comes out better too!

Taylor UK’s dedicated sales team will visit you in your own business to discuss which of the amazing TurboChef ovens would be perfect for your needs.

The Taylor UK service includes;

  • FREE initial consultation.
  • FREE product demo – visit our Kitchen in Slough to see the ovens in action.
  • Delivery and installation to a prepared location is included in the price.
  • Twelve months full on site parts and labour warranty.
  • Culinary support – onsite training and settings development.
  • Ongoing support from both your account manager and TurboChef’s ancillaries suppliers.


There are so many options when it comes to TurboChef ovens, the best thing to do it call us to have a chat with one of the Taylor UK team who can help guide you though the range of ovens to make sure that you have the correct machine for your business.

Call the Taylor UK sales office on:

0800 838 896 or email:

*The ventless capability of the TurboChef ovens is subject to the products being cooked. Raw fatty proteins will potentially generate more grease than the ovens are designed to cope with resulting in the need for the oven to be positioned beneath an extraction hood system.

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