Introducing the TurboChef FIRE...

The newest addition to the TurboChef range of rapid cook ovens, the FIRE is designed to cook fresh dough artisan style pizzas quickly and effortlessly.Introducing the TurboChef FIRE…

Manufactured in Dallas, Texas the TurboChef FIRE draws on the years of experience which TurboChef Technologies have accrued in the rapid cooking sector. Giving businesses the ability to cook a 14” fresh dough artisan style pizza in as little as 90 seconds!


The FIRE can cook at any temperature up to 450⁰C, such fierce temperatures create a unique smoky char which is only usually associated with wood fired pizza ovens. All programmed into the oven, the operator simply places the pizza in the cook chamber, selects the correct time and then removes it when the buzzer sounds – no turning or moving required!

Introducing the TurboChef FIRE…David Rees; Taylor UK’s Chef adds, “Stone cooked style pizza ovens are becoming increasingly popular as they produce pizzas with the aroma and taste closest to a traditional pizzeria, without requiring the space and technical experience associated with wood fired pizza ovens. As more venues are offering pizzas on their menus these days a more automated solution is required – The FIRE is the answer.” 

Features of the TurboChef FIRE include:

  • Perfectly heats and crisps, providing ‘hearth-baked’ results.
  • Fits up to a 14-inch fresh dough pizza.
  • Integral catalytic converter for vent-less operation.*
  • Removable bottom access panel for easier cleaning.
  • Independent top and bottom electronic temperature control, heats up to 450⁰C.
  • Top and bottom convection motors for even heat distribution.
  • 6 pre-set timers.
  • Small foot print – only 18 inches wide. (Requires adequate air gaps all around for cooling)
  • Retro-industrial styling makes it perfect for front of house operations.
  • Single phase power configuration.


For more information on the TurboChef Fire, call the Taylor UK sales office on 0800 838 896 or email

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