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KELLY P80 Gelato

Metropolitan spiritCompact, hi-tech and versatile, with an unmistakably metropolitan spirit. The KELLY is a system of refrigerated cabinets that exalts the aesthetics and functionality of the most vibrant and creative bars, pastry shops and stores in the city.

Appeal without frontiers – the display decks are flush, with nothing but the glass separating the customer from the product. No barriers, no distracting structures, only an appealing visual display.


KELLY P80 Patisserie

Compact technology quality and hi-performance materials, elegant lines, a neat design that reduces space to a minimum and enhances product visibility. All the pleasure of ISA technology in an ultra-compact space.

Full-time versatility – with KELLY you’ll store, arrange and display all your products in a state-of-the-art fashion at any time of day; sweets and pastries, ice cream, cakes and pies, snacks, delicacies, appetisers for your happy hour and main courses for lunch or dinner.

KELLY P80 Snack/Deli

KELLY P80 Snack/Deli

Impeccable looks that’s how the star of the grand event with fans appears! KELLY has special LED lighting that captivates the customer’s eyes, enhances product appeal and elegantly outlines their shape. But there’s more; the LED lighting also reduces energy consumption, compared to conventional halogen lamps, incandescent bulbs or fluorescent tubes, with an added bonus that LED lights don’t heat up the inside of the cabinet.

Kelly P80 Multiplex

ISA KELLY P80 cabinets combined in a complete run









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FREE Initial Consultation – one of our ISA Experts will meet you at your premises and talk you though all of the options available to you.
Ice Cream & Gelato Cabinets – professional ventilated frozen displays available in 8, 13 or 17 flavours.
Pastry Displays – statically refrigerated displays ideal for cream cakes, pastries and items where excessive airflow can damage the products.
Snack and Deli Serve Overs – ventilated refrigerated serve over displays idea for any menu items requiring consistent refrigeration.
90º Corner Cabinet – create a visually impressive display.
Glass Fronted – the ‘Jewel Case’ design maximises customer engagement, increasing impulse sales.
LED Lighting – creates a highly visual display whilst reducing energy costs.
‘Plug-In’ Design – the KELLY P80 cabinets can be installed as a standalone cabinet or combined to create a complete run of displays.
Customisable – The KELLY cabinets can be manufactured in most standard RAL colours.

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