Make Delicious Authentic Italian Gelato in your Restaurant

Do you want to make your dessert choices stand out? Go beyond boring scoops of pre-made vanilla, chocolate & strawberry with some delicious, authentic, artisan gelato made in an Italian designed machine.

Gelato Vs Ice Cream

Gelato is more than just the Italian word for ice cream. In fact real gelato is quite different. Gelato recipes tend to use more milk than cream and very few (if any) egg yolks in making the base mix. It will also tend to be held at a higher temperature than ice cream. Typically gelato is churned slower than ice cream – this means it incorporates less air, leading to a denser product.

We have a fine range of machines designed by leading Italian manufacturer Frigomat. From smaller counter-top machines for cafes requiring a few litres per hour up-to floor standing machines capable of keeping the busiest hotels, restaurants and ice cream parlours going at peak times.

Counter Top Batch Freezers

Counter top batch freezers are perfect for cafes, kiosks and stalls – the machines take up very little space and provide you with several batches per hour. Great for small to medium demand levels.

Below: Taylor by Frigomat C125 Counter Top Ice Cream Freezer – Makes 4-5 batches of up to 2.2 litres per batch each hour.

Taylor by Frigomat C125 Counter Top Ice Cream Freezer

Floor Standing Batch Freezers

Our floor standing batch freezers are for medium to high volume requirements; the Taylor by Frigomat C119 Horizontal Batch Freezer will make 20-24kg per hour, making it ideal for restaurants, ice cream parlours, hotels & other high volume locations.

Taylor by Frigomat C119 Horizontal Batch Freezer


We have a range of pasteuriser options aimed at very large capacity requirements. If you have an ice cream parlour or wish to wholesale ice cream these are the machines for you – take a look at the Taylor by Frigomat CH05 twin pasteuriser which can make up to 120 litres per cycle (this will only take around 2 hours!).

Frigomat CH05 2x60l Pasteuriser

Gelato Professional School

Never made gelato before? Never fear! Whilst making a good gelato is easy – especially with these machines – making a great gelato is a work of art. Therefore we’re offering you the opportunity to attend our Gelato Professional School open days in Berkshire – for free. Learn about everything from the equipment, to recipes and ideas to storing and displaying your desserts.

We’re a one-stop shop for those wanting to make Gelato. Come to our open days to learn how to make great ice cream, make them with a high quality Frigomat batch freezer or pasteuriser and finally display them with one of our fantastic refrigerated displays.

For help discovering the best gelato machine for your needs contact us today – you can call our product experts on 0800 838896 or email and we’ll be happy to talk you through your options.

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