Make Perfect Gelato from Scratch – in Minutes!

If you’re thinking about adding impressive desserts such as Gelato to your restaurant’s menu you may be concerned about preparation times. In an already time-pressured environment can you really spare the time to make another dessert? Yes – with our Gelato Makers you can.

“Do I have the space for another machine?” you might ask. Yes – we have a range of options to suit – from large volume floor standing machines to smaller batch counter top freezers. Finally you might be wondering if you and your staff can get training to help you make the best Gelato possible. Yes – and it’s free too!*

Read on to find out more about how you could make high quality Gelato for your customers.

Taylor by Frigomat C125 Counter Top Ice Cream Freezer

For small to medium production runs why not take a look at the Taylor by Frigomat C125 Counter Top Ice Cream Freezer. This counter top batch freezer doesn’t take up much space and will quietly work away producing 1-2.2 litres per batch, with 4-5 batches per hour possible for when it gets really busy! It’s not just Gelato either – you can also make wonderful ice creams and sorbets with this machine. It’s easy!

Those running larger restaurants, hotels or ice cream parlours may want to look at the Taylor by Frigomat C119 Horizontal Batch Freezer.

Taylor by Frigomat C119 Horizontal Batch Freezer

Unlike the C125, which can only be air cooled, the C119 has the option of air or water cooling. It also requires a little more power – using a 32 amp single phase or three phase. However, the capacity is now up to between 2 and 4 litres per batch and 5-6 batches an hour – this machine will keep the desserts coming as the summer peaks.

Whilst it’s not exactly in minutes, if you need to go even higher with your capacities, you should look at our Taylor by Frigotmat CH04 60 Litre Pasteuriser. Every two hours you can make a batch capacity of anywhere from 20 to 60 litres. Giving you the ability to create unique ice creams to your own personal recipes.


*Contact our sales office FREE on 0800 838 896 to find out more about the Frigomat Gelato Professional School.

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