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ISA Bermuda

Introducing the Brand New Bermuda Ice Cream Cabinet.

Budget Price with Professional Performance!!


ISA’s Brand new Bermuda Ice cream dipping cabinet has just been launched in the UK; a promotional cabinet but delivers a professional performance with its ventilated refrigeration – a feature unique to a cabinet of this type.

Ice cream cabinets within this price range and size usually operate using static refrigeration, meaning the ice creamBermuda 4 at the back of the cabinet tends to be colder than the front. They rely on gravity to pull the cold air across your ice cream from the back of the cabinet, sometimes making the ice cream harder to scoop and often with irregular temperature distribution.

The new Bermuda cabinet is fitted with a ventilated refrigeration system, the noticeable difference being that it has a fan system that regulates the air flow over the ice cream and through out the cabinet ensuring even temperatures throughout. The benefit being your ice cream is as cold at the front as it is at the back. This means your ice cream will have a longer sales life, retain its body, texture and flavour, it will also allow it to be easier to scoop.

This technology is normally found in cabinets costing twice as much!!

The ISA Bermuda is available in configurations of 10 or 13 flavours when using 5 Litre Napoli pans or 14-18 flavours when using 4.75 Litre Napoli Pans.

Standard specification includes:
  • Grey decorative front panel.
  • Wheel kit for easy movement.
  • Frozen storage cupboard for additional stock located within its base, so no other storage freezers required.
  • Hot gas defrost to keep the cabinet performing at its optimum.
  • Electronic control board to adjust cabinet temperature.
  • Plug & Play – the Bermuda works of a standard 13amp plug, no special electrics required!
All the benefits of a professional cabinet, without the professional price tag…

ISA Bermuda Dimensions

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  1. Dane Clarke August 13, 2015 at 4:17 pm

    I am interested in ISA Bermuda 13 flavour 1670x800x1340 price with delivery to us at
    BT63 5 WQ.

    • David Rees August 14, 2015 at 7:29 am

      Hello Dane, Unfortunately Taylor UK are unable to supply ISA Cabinets to Northern Ireland at this time our distribution only covers England, Wales and Scotland. Our partners; A&B Refrigeration, 12 Mahon Industrial Estate, Craigavon, Co. Armagh, BT62 3EH. Tel: 028 3833 8080 are distributors of the ISA equipment in Northern Ireland. I’m sorry that we cannot be of assistance at this time. Dave Rees

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