Pan ‘Artisan in conjunction with Taylor UK and TurboChef rapid cook ovens

Pan ‘Artisan in conjunction with Taylor UK and TurboChef rapid cook ovensPan ‘Artisan (formerly ‘La Pizza Company’) is a UK based manufacturer with Italian origins whose passion and commitment results in the production of authentic, high quality Italian products for the UK food-service market place. Products include wood fired Italian pizza bases, tear ‘n’ share garlic breads 

Founded in 1991, Pan’Artisan (formerly known as La Pizza Company) is a leading food manufacturer that works closely with all sectors of the food service industry. With its Italian origins, it uses its passion and commitment to manufacture authentic, high quality products.

Pan ‘Artisan in conjunction with Taylor UK and TurboChef rapid cook ovensStrong ethical principles…
Pan ‘Artisan pizza bases and dough balls are based on authentic Neapolitan recipes and are low in fat, salt and contain no preservatives. The new range of brown pizza bases contain 10% added bran and have more than twice the fibre content of the white pizza base, making it the healthy choice for schools. All of Pan ‘Artisan products contain no preservatives or GM products. This means that food-service and catering outlets such as restaurants, takeaways, schools, colleges and hotels can now offer healthy products with the unmistakable finish that customers today appreciate more and more.

The Pain ‘Artisan product range includes:

Pan ‘Artisan in conjunction with Taylor UK and TurboChef rapid cook ovensThin Crust & Deep Pan Pizza Bases

Pan ‘Artisan’s Pizza Bases are made using the finest ingredients. They are part-baked frozen and are light and fluffy in texture. They are easy to handle and only need to be thawed out, spread with sauce, topped and baked to a golden brown colour. After the final bake the Thin Crust Pizzas are crisp but moist with a light and fluffy texture just like a traditional Italian pizza.

The Pizza Bases are available in various sizes from 7” to 16” and are ideal for use in the TurboChef range of ovens.

Pan ‘Artisan in conjunction with Taylor UK and TurboChef rapid cook ovensWood Fired Italian Pizza Bases

The authentic Italian Wood-fired Pizza Bases are of the very highest quality, and will appeal to the discerning “foodie” seeking a REAL pizza. They are made in the Neapolitan way, using a 24 hour fermented dough to allow the flavour to develop fully. They are then hand formed and part-baked in a wood-burning oven, before being cooled, topped with sauce and quick frozen to lock in the flavours. The end result is a thin, crispy, light base with the traditional, thicker-edged crust, and an authentic pizza flavour.

The Wood fired bases are available in 9” and 12.” the perfect solution for the discerning TurboChef operator.

Pan ‘Artisan in conjunction with Taylor UK and TurboChef rapid cook ovensTasca Pockets

Tascas are fully baked, folded, soft bread pockets that are perfect for operators wanting a quick and easy sandwich with a difference. Convenient to use and great for portion control, it couldn’t be simpler; thaw, fill and serve, perfect toasted in a TurboChef oven.

Tascas are available in four great varieties; Red Onion, Caesar, Multi Grain or Plain


Typical TurboChef cook times using Pan ‘Artisan pizza bases and Tascas:

  •  2” Deep Margherita Pizza – 2 minutes 10 seconds in a TurboChef i5
  • 16” Thin Pepperoni Pizza – 2 minutes 45 seconds in a TurboChef 2020 High h Conveyor
  • 9” Wood Fired Pizza – 90 seconds in a TurboChef Sota
  • Toasted Tasca Pockets – 45 seconds in a TurboChef Tornado 2 


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For more information about the entire Pain ‘Artisan range of products, check out their website at or call 01730 811490 for a full brochure.

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