Pratica EC3 Combination Oven. Cook more in less space...

Compact, counter top and it takes up to 5* full size 1/1 Gastronorm trays…

Pratica EC3 Combination Oven. Cook more in less space…The Pratica EC3 combination oven has all of the functionality of bigger, more complicated oven manufacturers in a space friendly foot print with a pocket friendly price tag!

The Pratica EC3 can cook in a number of different ways

Bake with dry heat at any temperature from 30 to 250ºC ideal for baking.

Steam at 100ºC with fan assisted heat distribution for a more even cook, perfect for delicate vegetables like broccoli.

Combination Cook – the EC3 can be set to roast at any temperature from 30 to 250ºC with adjustable humidity from 20 to 100% which allows larger joints of meat to be roasted with minimal shrinkage as the moisture is retained preventing drying out.

Pratica EC3 Combination Oven. Cook more in less space…Steam ‘Regen’ – controllable steam mode makes reheating sous vide (or boil in the bag) menu items easy and they can be held at serving temperature until needed.

Combi-Regen – Re-heat plated meals with a combination of heat and moisture to prevent drying out.

Grill Mode – The Pratica EC3 has been uniquely designed to incorporate a grill element in the top of the oven allowing operators to gratinate and glaze products as part of the cooking process.

Program Options – up to 16 multi-step programmes can be programmed on to the oven allowing the operator set the oven to change cooking modes automatically during the cooking process to get the best results. For example; step one may be combi-cook at 180ºC with 100% humidity to roast the joint and the last 10 minutes could be set to dry heat at 230ºC to add a little more colour at the end of the cooking process.

Two different cooking control methods

Pratica EC3 Combination Oven. Cook more in less space…The Pratica EC3 can be used in two different ways. Cooking in the conventional way by setting the timer or by using the built-in four point temperature probe to control the cooking time. To use the probe control you simply insert the probe tip full into the largest or fattest part of the item to be cooked. Set the temperature which you need the core to reach, 74ºC or above for cooking most items to safe temperatures, less for menu items like rare beef (but you can choose whatever temperature you like). The oven will monitor the temperature at four points along the probe and once they all reach the pre-set temperature the oven will sound the buzzer to alert the operator to remove the item – perfectly cooked!

Assisted, semi-automatic cleaning cycle

Once the oven has cooled sufficiently, the semi-automatic cleaning cycle will walk the operator through the cleaning process. Simply spray the internal cavity with any commercial oven cleaner, no expensive special cleaners required (remember to wear goggles and gloves), then start the cleaning cycle. The oven will go through an automatic process of steaming, spraying and rinsing the internal cavity. Once the cycle has finished, the operator simply completes a final rinse using the external hose and cleans any stubborn areas as required.

Compact installation

Power requirements: 1x 32amp single phase

Dimensions: 454mm High x 650mm Wide x 656mm Deep

Utilities: requires a filtered cold water supply and suitable waste water drain connection with a U-bend.

You can even stack one on top of another!

Pratica EC3 Combination Oven. Cook more in less space…Create a Pratica EC3.2 by stacking two EC3 ovens on top of each other. The stacking kit simply links the water supply and waste connections and hides them behind a trim panel creating a seamless look. The advantage of having to smaller ovens opposed to one large one is flexibility. When one oven is baking or roasting the other can be steaming to provide the maximum output in the smallest footprint. You can also save energy by turning one off when you’re quite or don’t need it!

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*Tray capacity depends on product height and tray type being used.

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