Prática Express Speed Ovens

Take a look at our range of rapid cook ovens. The Prática Express Speed Ovens are exclusive to Taylor UK.

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Prática Express Speed Ovens

Pratica Express Speed OvensPrática Produtos SA, founded in 1991, is the leading manufacturer of commercial food and bakery products in South America. Based in Pouso Alegre, Prática manufactures and distributes under the TechniCook, TechniPan, and Klimaquip brands. Prática has been engineering and manufacturing high-speed ovens since 2007. The first model, Gourmet Express, revolutionised the company’s perspective of rapid cooking.

With over 400 employees, and a state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing facility located on 250,000 square feet in Pouso Alegre, Brazil. Prática Products Inc. is proud to bring Prática Express high-speed ovens to the UK with an exclusive distribution partnership with Taylor UK.


Copa Express Speed OvenRapid Cook Technology – The Express line rapid cook ovens utilises a combination of convection heat, high speed impinged air, bottom infrared, and precision microwave to reduce cook times by more than 80% with chef-quality results. Express line speed ovens are equipped with a removable catalytic converter, which break down grease-laden vapours allowing for ventless operation.

Rocket Express Speed OvenVentless Technology – Prática Express Speed Ovens have an internal catalytic converter that eliminates grease laden vapours before they escape the oven. The Express ovens have been tested and passed EPA202, allowing them to be certified as non-grease emitting appliances. When following proper installation and operation procedures, Pratica Express ovens can be installed without the use of a Type I or Type II hood*.

*The Express Line’s ‘ventless operation’ is subject to the products being cooked. Operators looking to cook raw fatty proteins through the ovens will potentially overwhelm the internal catalytic system and as a consequence will require conventional extraction system. Operators should check with local authorities and their landlords. All Express Line ovens, regardless of the products being cooked, require adequate ventilation for cooling purposes and are not designed to be ‘boxed-in’ with other equipment, counter fixtures or enclosed in tight spaces.

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Prática Express Speed Ovens

Copa Express Speed Oven

Removable Catalyst – Express Line ovens have removable catalytic converters making cleaning easy and maintenance simple.
Ventless* Technology – The Pratica Express range of ovens can operated without the need of expensive extraction systems.
Intuitive Touch Screen – The full colour, icon and text controls allows complete customisation making it easy to operate.
Update via USB Stick – Cook settings are updated by USB stick for ease and speed.
Metal Cookware – Any metal tray up to 25mm deep can be used in the Express Line. The Copa Express can accommodate a 1/2 GN Tray.
Cleaning Instructions – The oven walks you through the necessary steps to ensure important daily cleaning is completed.
Advanced Cooling – The oven draws air in though the base of the oven venting it from the upper section of the rear panel reducing the air gap required on each sided.

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