Product Review – Razzle Value into your Soft Ice Cream

razzleWhether you’re new to the soft ice cream business or a seasoned professional; adding value to your product and offering ‘that something different’ is what makes you stand out from the rest… What makes YOU stand out from the rest? Razzle

The profitability of Soft Ice Cream is already amazing as many operators can already testify to, but what makes your business stand out from all of the others selling 99’s?

Would the ability to emulate the major high street chains, offering unique sweet treats give you that all important edge over the competition? The Razzle spinner blender from Taylor UK could be the cost effective solution that you’ve been looking for…

The Razzle blender is the ideal addition to any soft serve operators business; whether you serve traditional soft ice cream or the new craze of frozen yogurt products, having a Razzle will give you the ability to combine any number of different inclusions, sauces, candy bars or fruits (to name but a few), creating unique, delicious treats and desserts no one will be able to resist.

Counter top or wall mounted, the Razzle is a truly flexible option. Available with accompanying sweet dispensers and cup holders, the addition of a Razzle will instantly change your menu options, giving you the ability to keep your customers interested and coming back time and time again…

Razzle Dispensers

Advantages of a Taylor Razzle Blender include:

Unlimited flavour combinations – use the Razzle to blend almost any item into your soft serve product.

Small footprint – available in counter top or wall mounted versions, the Razzle can go anywhere!

Simple to operate – simple toggle switch or foot peddle operation.

Easy to clean – the blending spindle is easily cleaned and can be removed without the need for special tools.

Clean operation – the Razzle blends in the cup which it is served, limiting handling and keeps the whole operation clean and efficient.


For more information on the Taylor Razzle or any of the other products supplied by Taylor UK, call the Taylor UK Sales Hotline FREE on 0800 838896, e-mail us at  or visit our website

  1. Belinda Aaron August 28, 2014 at 12:13 am

    Please can you let me know the cost of the Razzle machine and also if it is available to rent. I would like to source one ASAP for my business. I have a coffee shop and want to expand into Ice cream mix ins and milkshakes.

    • David Rees September 11, 2014 at 2:25 pm

      Please contact the Taylor UK sales team on 0800 838 896, they will be able to help you with the information which you request.

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