Product Review – The Perfect Pizza through your TurboChef Conveyor Oven

Product Review – The Perfect Pizza through your TurboChef Conveyor OvenI’ve never met anyone who didn’t like pizza. Of course, Italians can’t take all the credit for what is quite simply the world’s best snack; as the Oxford Companion to Food points out, the linguistic link between pizza and pitta is surely no coincidence. Taylor UK’s Chef shows you how to make his perfect pizza…

Product Review – The Perfect Pizza through your TurboChef Conveyor OvenThe modern conception of pizza, however, is largely based on the Neapolitan version – not as crisp as the Roman variety, the base should be soft and pliable, yet charred and chewy around the edge. Far from the embarrassment of toppings loaded on to the deep-dish pizza pies of Chicago, the true Neapolitan pizza has the mere whisper of a garnish to set off its freshly baked charms. The city’s famous Da Michele pizzeria opened in 1870, with just one thing on the menu: marinara – tomatoes, garlic and herbs. After Queen Margherita visited the region, twenty years later, it grudgingly expanded its offering to include the new trend – tomatoes, mozzarella and basil, and so it remains today: the only nod to modern excess is mozzarella. The modern day pizza was born….

The crust is key, light and fluffy, but with a crisp base…

 500g pizza flour (or half 00 flour and half strong white flour)

10g fresh yeast (or 7g instant dried, made up as on packet)

½ tsp sugar

320ml warm water

1 tsp salt

Toppings to taste


1. Mix together the yeast, sugar and water, then add to the flour and mix in a food processor on the lowest speed for about 4 minutes, until it comes together into a soft dough. Add the salt and then turn the speed up slightly and mix for another 4 minutes.

2. Put the dough into a large, lightly oiled bowl, and turn over to coat. Cover with a damp cloth, or cling film, and leave in a warm place for four hours to rise.

3. Divide the dough into Satsuma-sized pieces and roll into balls on the work surface using the palm of your hand. Put on a lightly-oiled baking tray, cover and store somewhere cool until you’re ready to cook.

4. Dust a work surface with a little flour and put a ball of dough on to it. Flatten it using your hand, then knock the air out of it with your fingertips. Lift it up on to your fingertips and rotate it, stretching it out as you go until it’s as thin as possible, leaving a thicker ring of dough around the edges.

5. Slide on to a rimless pizza screen or pizza paddle dusted with semolina, and, working as quickly as possible, add the toppings and a drizzle of olive oil.

Product Review – The Perfect Pizza through your TurboChef Conveyor Oven

6. Slide the topped pizza onto the deck of your TurboChef conveyor oven and bake for 2 minutes 45 seconds (or until crisp and golden brown).

7. Slice and serve immediately.


TurboChef Conveyor Settings:


Cook directly on the conveyor belt or with a pizza sheet.

Oven Temp



2 minutes 45 seconds
Event %Time

% Top Air

% Bottom






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