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Cambro Beverage Holder

Deliver hot or cold beverages safely and securely!

The GoBox® beverage holder from Cambro is the perfect accessory for any food service business looking to deliver either hot or cold drinks.

The beverage holders are modular in design and fit perfectly in Cambro GoBox® ‘top loader’ thermal boxes, providing a secure method of holding drinks during transportation. The thermal insulation will keep hot drinks hot or cold/frozen drinks cold for up to 4 hours.

The interlocking units hold three cups per section. Five holders can be used in any Full Size Top Loader GoBox® to hold up to 15 drinks or, if using 12oz cups, two layers can be fitted allowing for the transportation of up to 30 drinks at a time. If that’s too many for your requirements, two holders can be used in any Half Size GoBox to give you a compact solution.

Please note – it’s not recommended to transport hot drinks in two layers in the Full Size GoBox. If the transportation of hot drinks is going to be a major part of your delivery business, we’d suggest two smaller GoBoxes. This will help ensure your customers receive the best product possible when it’s delivered.

As an alternative, one or two holders could be used in a Full Size GoBox to produce a ‘combination’ delivery box providing space for both drinks and other food items. 

The GoBox® beverage holder can hold cups sized 8oz to 32oz. The individual compartments are tapered to fit multiple cup sizes; 7.1cm (2.8″) at the bottom graduates to 8.8cm (3.5″) at the top.

Available in two kits:

EPPBEVH2 – Two holders – 6 Cups

EPPBEVH5 – Five holders – 15 Cups

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EPPBEV5H with Cam GoBox EPP160

EPP160 GoBox with EPPBEVH2

Cambro Beverage Holder

EPPBEVH2 with Cam GoBox EPP280

Cambro Beverage Holder

EPP180 Cam GoBox can hold double layer

*Cam GoBox Sold Separately


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Cambro Beverage Holder
Cambro Beverage HolderCambro Beverage HolderCambro Beverage HolderCambro Beverage HolderCambro Beverage HolderCambro Beverage Holder
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