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Fast Chef Elite+ Ventless Fryer

Simple and efficient…

Counter top ventless* fryer with single portion hopper and push button controls.

Sustainable and more profitable – the unique enclosed frying system protects the cooking oil from UV light and minimises contact with oxygen elongating the oils usable life. SGS* testing concluded that the Fast Chef Elite+ ventless frying system uses up to 24% less energy and up to 37% less oil compared to conventional open fryers.

Minimal flavour transfer – the Ecofry technology extracts the moisture away from the products faster sealing the external surface of the foods being cooked. The extracted water is prevented from contaminating the oil reducing flavour transfer from one product to another.

Smokeless, odourless – the Fast Chef Elite+ only releases dry, oil and particle free air back into the environment eliminating the need for expensive extraction hoods. Air from the frying chamber is actively extracted, oil and moisture is condensed and collected, the dry air is then filtered through a panel grease filter before passing through activated carbon to remove odours.

Risk freethe frying chamber isolates the high temperatures and protects the operator. The enclosed cook chamber limits oxygen levels preventing potential flash fires. The anti-fire system with double sensor and control software cuts power to the heating elements on detection of excessive temperatures.

Clean and easy – The frying chamber is completely contained preventing oil from dirtying the surrounding internal components.

Features of the Fast Chef Elite+ ventless fryer include:

  • 3” numerical keypad controls with eight programmable cooking times.
  • The Fast Chef Elite+ ventless fryer can cook up to 500g of product at once with one additional 500g portion waiting in the hopper.
  • 5.5 litre oil capacity with automatic shut off when oil levels drop below minimum levels.
  • The self-contained frying chamber can be completely removed and disassembled for cleaning. 90% of components can be cleaned in a dishwasher.
  • Locking cabinet restricts access to hot areas, operators are protected against accidental burns.
  • Single portion catch draw.


Machine type: Fast Chef Elite+ Ventless Fryer, Counter Top with Single-Portion Carrousel

Power requirements: 1x 20amp Single phase

Dimensions: 771mm (h) x 654mm (w) x 456mm (d)

Counter top with 4″ legs.

Ideal for all applications including; Cafes, Coffee Shops, Convenience Stores, Bakeries, Kiosks, Theme Parks, Cinemas, Theatres, Bistros

Jalapeno poppers Fresh fried french fries with ketchup on wooden backgroundFrench fries on dark backgroundcollage of various fast food products






SGS Systems Certification
*Ventless operation, efficiency certification and testing has been carried out and independently verified by SGS Laboratories Ref Nº 91117/507076/AF/17. A copy of the full report is available by clicking on this link >>>
To ensure the ventless operation of the Fast Chef Elite+ is maintained, the daily, weekly, monthly and annual cleaning procedures MUST be followed and the internal panel grease filter and cylindrical activated carbon filter need to be replaced at the recommended 8,000 cook cycle interval. Failure to do so may invalidate any warranty.
Quality Fry ventless fryers greatly reduce the need for dedicated extraction systems and smoke hoods but this does not guarantee that a Fast Chef Elite fryer can be installed into every business. Taylor UK advises customers that it is their own responsibility to check with their landlords and local authorities to ensure that their operation complies with the necessary local business codes should they choose to install a Fast Chef Elite in their business.
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