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Hamilton Beach Tempest Blender

Easy to Operate, Powerful High-Performance Blending!

The Hamilton Beach Tempest® blender is a powerful commercial blender with simple to use, timer operated controls making it ideal for bars, restaurants, cafes and coffee shops who want to make a range of amazing blended drinks quickly and easily.

The Tempest blender’s timer with automatic shut off means staff can blend drinks while completing other tasks without the worry of over-blending. Two motor speeds with ‘jump’ and ‘pulse’ buttons allows the operator to create a wide variety of blended drinks; smoothies, shakes, frozen cocktails and more…

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Features of the Hamilton Beach Tempest® include:

  • Timer with Automatic Shut Off– Indispensable for busy bars and cafes as it frees up operators for other tasks.
  • Wave-Action® System – continually forces the mixture down onto the blades for smooth results and no ice chunks.
  • 2 Speeds, Jump Cycle & Pulse Button – offer precision blending for a wide variety of drinks.
  • Powerful – the Tempest features a 3HP motor (peak input power) which satisfies the demands of the busiest bars.
  • Jar Pad Sensor – turns the motor off when the container is not in place to help prevent careless clutch grinding.
  • Temperature Gauge – alerts the operator if the motor overheats to prevent burnout.
  • Sure Grip Feet – provides a firm platform and prevent skidding.
  • Robust Container/Jug – polycarbonate stackable 64oz / 1.8 litre jug with filler cap for the easy addition of liquids while blending.
  • All metal drive coupling and stainless steel blades.
  • Converts for in-counter use (requires accessory CK650 – sold separately).
Scotsman IceThe Hamilton Beach Tempest® blender is powerful enough to blend any ice type including harder, purer, higher quality ice varieties like those produced in Scotsman Gourmet Supercube or Dice Ice machines.
Find out more about ice at

Hamilton Beach Container Rinser

Hamilton Beach Container Rinser


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Hamilton Beach Tempest Blender
Hamilton Beach Tempest BlenderHamilton Beach Tempest BlenderHamilton Beach Tempest BlenderHamilton Beach Tempest Blender
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