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La Cimbali Elective

Precision Coffee Grinder-Doser

Introducing the La Cimbali Elective – the makings of perfect coffee!

The Elective is the perfect grinder to compliment the La Cimbali M26TE espresso machine.

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To guarantee the finest quality in the cup and maximum flexibility, we created Elective which can interface with the most advanced La Cimbali machines like the M26 TE. Thanks to the integral bluetooth system and perfect grind technology, the Elective grinder can communicate with a bluetooth enabled coffee machine to guarantee perfect coffee grinding every time.


The compact design featuring elegant shaping comes together with a new Inverter motor to bring about definitive change in the way we view grinding as a concept. The compact dimensions of Elective are designed to ensure optimal use in small spaces and help improve the aesthetics of the bar or counter. The hopper is perfectly balanced and can be located safely on any worktop. This small detail makes all the difference, making it easier to refill Elective and simpler to clean and control.


The 4.3” touchscreen display is easy to use and completely customisable. This starts with the look, the appearance, which is left to the discretion of the barista. But there’s more: in just a few steps, you can adjust the Elective grinding settings to ensure you get the result you want, every single time. The barista is also responsible for selecting and configuring programmes, while a set of pre programmed settings is also provided.


The motor of the grinder, for example, is equipped with a low-energy consumption inverter, which ensures consistent standards over time, even during intense levels of use in peak times. On top of that, the ventilation system used by Elective is able to keep the temperature of the grinder, beans and ground coffee constant, thus ensuring that the resultant coffee is both unaltered and uncompromised.


Autotamper is the tool that guarantees tamping precision in one process. User friendly and intuitive, with the Autotamper you can grind and tamp coffee in the same process which ensures the best quality result. Time saving, space optimization, consistency and ergonomics are the key words of the AT Technology.

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La Cimbali Elective
La Cimbali ElectiveLa Cimbali Elective
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