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La Cimbali M34 DT3

The stylish automotive look of the La Cimbali M34 DT3 triple group head espresso machine guarantees a reliable response to all your coffee production needs. The advanced electronics control all of the systems for perfect espresso and coffee based beverages.

Perfect grinding – Thanks to the Perfect Grinding System (PGS) and Bluetooth technology, the M34 monitors the extraction and delivery parameters and sends them to the grinder-doser, to ensure perfect grinding every time. The Perfect Grinding System allows M34 to interact via Bluetooth with the MAGNUM On Demand touch Bluetooth wireless grinder-doser, that regulates the grinding and dose to guarantee unwavering coffee quality.

Top level food safety – The machine parts in contact with water and steam are treated with Ruveco Teck technology – a special, patented covering material that considerably reduces the release of metals into drinks.

Energy saving – Technology with environmental respect. The M34 is equipped with advanced eco-technological solutions like the Smart (insulated) Boiler and the Energy Saving mode. With ENERGY SAVING mode, the pressure in the boiler is lowered when the machine does not need to deliver for a significant period of time; the barista can activate this function manually by pressing the OK button for 3 seconds, then press any key, and in just 60-90 seconds the machine will be ready for use again. In ENERGY SAVING mode, the machine does not fully switch itself off: the resistance remains active to keep the pressure in the boiler on a value of 0.2 bar. In this case, it is possible to go back to the machine working mode in 1-2 minutes (this value depends on the set pressure to be reached).

Features of the La Cimbali M34 DT3 include:

  • Two stainless steel steam wands.
  • Each unit is equipped with four dosing selections and one continuous delivery.
  • Stainless steel hot water dispenser (metered – selections).
  • Graphic display with easy and ergonomic push-button programming.
  • Electric cup warmer.

La Cimbali M34 DT3 packages includes:

  • 3M Scaleguard water filter kit and spare 2nd filter.
  • Full onsite installation and training.
  • Preventative maintenance visit and pressure vessel test on month 12.

Power requirements: 1x 32amp three phase

Dimensions: 510mm (h) x 1055mm (w) x 570mm (d)

(Suitable water and waste connections are required)

Maximum cup height: 110mm

Counter cut-outs need to be made directly below the machine, see the specification sheet for details.


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La Cimbali M34 DT3
La Cimbali M34 DT3La Cimbali M34 DT3
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