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La Cimbali S20

Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine for up to 200 cups per day

Meet La Cimbali S20: a flexible and intelligent fully automatic machine. Discover the pleasure of a great coffee, from the first to the last cup…

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The fully automatic S20 can boast an impressive 96 possible recipes to meet all these needs that can be customised and guaranteed to last up to 200 cups a day.


Thanks to the preheated metal brewing unit, you can achieve outstanding results, even for single-origin and specialty coffee, with a guarantee of consistent extraction over time.

High-capacity boiler to guarantee high performances for hot water and steam. Power station configuration, with two machines and a cooling unit, to respond to moments of peak use.


The 7” touchscreen is very easy to use and customise. The display will show recipes with intuitive icons, so the user can select them, set as favourite and even save and transfer to another S20 via USB download.


Ideal for office social spaces, for bakeries, for hotel breakfast and all other self-service environments. The La Cimbali S20 is an intelligent fully automatic machine with a remote function for simple and intuitive planning. The menu is flexible with a choice based on milk, coffee and chocolate beverages. As a result, customers will always find their favourite hot drink!


La Cimbali S20 is designed to be connected and to offer all the advantages of IoT. The Wi-fi connection allows the machine to communicate and it gives the operator the ability to remotely monitor all features and performance, without any need for physical intervention.

In addition, thanks to the Cup4You App, it is possible to interact with S20 directly from tablet or smartphone. A new, touchless and intuitive way to manage, customise, and send the orders to the machine.

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La Cimbali S20 (Front)
La Cimbali S20 (Front)La Cimbali S20 (Front)
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