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La Cimbali S30

Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine for up to 300 cups per day

La Cimbali S30 – Designed to boost your coffee menu… from “Ristretto” to “Choco Milk Coffee” and everything in between.

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The La Cimbali S30 is the perfect machines for bakeries, restaurants, medium coffee chains and for all those who want to pair cakes and other products with the perfect coffee. Thanks to the exclusive cold milk foam technology, you can enjoy a huge range of different coffee based drinks. S30 can serve up to 300 cups per day… each as great as the last!


Separate and independent boiler for the coffee that gives punctual and specific temperature control for an always perfect coffee. The pre-heated metal coffee group  guarantees consistency of taste from the first to the last cup.


La Cimbali S30 can make hot and cold foamed milk. This allows you to create an extended menu with recipes based on coffee, chocolate, hot and cold frothed milk. Enjoy hot and cold milk foam as if it has been prepared by hand by a Barista. Daily cleaning is easy with the Automatic Washing System.


Supreme coffee starts from a supreme grinding. The S30 fully automatic is equipped with PGS – Perfect Grinding System, which enables perfect grinding and dosage for each different type of coffee request.


La Cimbali S30 is designed to be connected and to offer all the advantages of IoT. The Wi-fi connection allows the machine to communicate and it gives the operator the ability to remotely monitor all features and performance, without any need for physical intervention.

In addition, thanks to the Cup4You App, it is possible to interact with S20 directly from tablet or smartphone. A new, touchless and intuitive way to manage, customise, and send the orders to the machine.


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La Cimbali S30 (Front)
La Cimbali S30 (Front)
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