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Orved Cuisson 61 Vacuum Pack Machine

Professional Vacuum Pack Machine

The Orved Cuisson 61 vacuum pack machine is completely made of stainless steel, and is equipped with a patented vertical chamber for easy packaging of liquid products. It is characterized by the innovative Chef Programs technology for a perfect vacuum of any food and non food product. The Cuisson 61 is an extra large vacuum packing machine with two sealing bars for maximum throughput increasing efficiency.

The Orved Cuisson 61 is the most comprehensive “all in one” food processing machine currently on the vacuum packing market, the only truly “full-optional” one; designed for the most demanding Chefs.

The Cuisson 61 features a digital control panel which is waterproof. It has 36 individual programs, including exclusive pre-set programs by professional Chefs, de-aeration programs (Degas) and vacuum programs for internal or external containers.

The Cuisson 61 vacuum pack machine includes a smart system to print the data directly on the bag. As result, you do not require any ink or external printers.

The H2O out pump dehumidification cycle guarantees perfect maintenance of the 106 mc/h vacuum pump. It is equipped with a wireless sealing bar, length 630 mm.

The gas flush system is included which is ideal for packing delicate or soft products in modified atmosphere (MAP). The Cuisson 61 also features an exclusive soft-air function, for the packaging of sharp products like meat on the bone.

Can package: liquid, solid and delicate products

Ideal for: restaurants, hotels, catering, pastry shops, butchers, cheese factories, food laboratories.

Features of the Cuisson 61 Include:

Vertical Vacuum Chambers – the vacuum chamber is made of high quality stainless steel characterized by curved angles and constant wall thickness for easy cleaning and resistant over time. The additional two vertical chamber facilitates the packaging of vacuum bags with liquid products.

Modified Atmosphere Packing (MAP) – Gas to protect your products. Thanks to the gas vacuum, even the most delicate and soft products can be easily vacuum packed. The gas will prevent any kind of damage or breakage of the product, ensuring a perfect vacuum at all times. Items like washed salad, cakes, crisps, and more, can be sealed in a vacuum bag which has had all of the air removed and replaced with an inert gas like carbon dioxide or nitrogen.

Chef Cycles for food processing – pre-programmed vacuum processing cycles which maximise efficiency and reduce labour costs, the Chef Cycles include:

  • Marinating in bags – the Cuisson manipulates the air pressure to maximise marinade absorption whilst using less marinade. The cycle automatically vacuum seals the bag at the end.
  • Marinate in trays – the Cuisson can be used to marinate trays of products quickly where vacuum sealing isn’t required.
  • Shellfish & Molluscs cleaning – using different air pressures can ‘trick’ shellfish like mussels and clams into purging any grit and dirt in minutes saving hours of prep time.
  • Infusing liquids – the Cuisson can extract the maximum flavour and aromas from aromatics, infusing them into liquids and oils quickly without the need for heat or additional processing.
  • Vacuum Sealing Liquids – special liquid cycles ensure no over spill. The Cuisson 61 features a special ‘vertical’ vacuum chamber allowing bags to sit up straight maximising the fill level.
  • Vacuum Sealing Powders – special cycles slowly remove all of the air from powdered products preventing over spill whilst ensuring the maximum vacuum possible.
  • Vacuum sealing in jars – Orved vacuum packers can be used with vacuum sealing jars for maximum flexibility.

Digital Control Panel – Two displays and vacuum sensor, It guarantees advanced performance and always accurate and uniform results. The electronic parts are protected from humidity and dirt ensuring an ease of cleaning.

Technical Specifications:

  • Bodywork – Stainless steel
  • Vacuum pump – 106mc/h
  • Dimensions – 821 x 722 x 1033 h mm
  • Vacuum chamber dimensions – 575 x 680 x 200 h + 192 h mm
  • Weight – 246 kg
  • Voltage – 220v/50Hz/1Ph – 2700w
  • Max bag dimensions – 600 x 650 mm
  • Sealing bar – 630 mm
  • Installation – Floor Standing
  • Max vacuum level – 2 mbar
  • Inert gas injection (requires additional gas bottle & regulator – NOT sold by Taylor UK)

Orved Vac Pack Bags

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Orved Cuisson 61 Professional Vac Packer
Orved Cuisson 61 Professional Vac PackerOrved Cuisson 61 Professional Vac PackerOrved Cuisson 61 Professional Vac Packer
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