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Have you been thinking about selling soft ice cream? If you’ve been mulling over all of the soft serve machine options but have been unable to come to a decision, we may have the soft serve equipment package which you’ve been looking for…

Taylor C708/C709 Soft Serve Machine

Taylor C708 Heat Treatment Soft Serve Freezer

How does having a soft serve machine which you don’t need to clean yourself sound?

Taylor C708 heat treatment soft serve freezers can be upgraded to the new 28 day cleaning cycle which means you’ll only have to empty and brush clean the unit once a month opposed to the standard once every fourteen days (or once every three days with a non-heat treatment machine).

This simple operational change gives you less downtime and, since you only have to discard mix once every 28 days, less wastage as well. All of this results in greater profitability and customer satisfaction.

To add a cherry on top… you can sign up for Taylor Touch Free cleaning contract and you’ll never brush clean your machine again!

Taylor Touch Free is only available on Taylor C708 heat treatment machines which have been upgraded to the new 28 day cleaning cycle. If you’re an existing Taylor UK customer, with a suitable heat treatment machine (that’s less than five years old), we’ll upgrade your machine from the standard 14 day cycle to the new 28 day cleaning interval FREE* of charge when you sign up for a Taylor Touch Free cleaning contract.

If you’re new to the soft serve selling game, you can purchase a new Taylor C708 heat treatment soft serve machine and take out a Taylor Touch Free cleaning contract right from day one which would include the FREE* upgrade to the 28 day cleaning interval as part of the package.

There’s a few additional day-to-day procedures which you’ll need to take care of yourself to ensure your soft serve freezer operates correctly and remains safe and hygienically clean for the period between cleans. But don’t worry, one of our fully qualified engineers will go through this with you when they either install your new machine or upgrade your existing one.

For more information on Taylor Touch Free, contact Taylor UK 

0800 838 896

*Terms and conditions apply, click here for full details >>>
  1. Ken July 15, 2020 at 1:41 pm

    How much is it

    • Taylor UK July 15, 2020 at 4:40 pm

      Hello, If you call 01473 350000 or email with a few more details, one of our team will contact you to discuss all of the options available to you. Kind regards, Taylor UK

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