Taylor by Frigomat C116

Equipment Review – Taylor by Frigomat C116, The BIG Batch Freezer

Gelato is exploding in the UK, deeply rooted in Italian culinary history. With bright attractive colours, intense flavours, smooth velvety texture and natural ingredients, gelato fulfils your customers desire for a simple indulgence and pleasure. Visually, Gelato is amazing when decorated and displayed correctly, thereby driving customer curiosity and appeal which undoubtedly will lead to high levels of sales and profitability. The Taylor by Frigomat C116 is the king and giant in the gelato / ice cream market. Having a massive output but ... Read more
C122 Batch Freezer

Equipment Review – Frigomat C122 Automatic Batch Freezer

Small, yet MIGHTY! The Frigomat C122 Automatic Batch Freezer is the answer for any operator looking for a professional ice cream machine to produce high quality products in smaller quantities with a reduced investment.  Using the electronic control panel, you can choose one of the four programmes to produce; ice cream, Gelato, Sorbet, slush with the ability to determine either the consistency, the freezing time and the agitation. Simply pour your mix in the chute, select your function and in around ten minutes your're ... Read more
Ice Cream vs Froyo

Product Review – Ice Cream vs Froyo

Which would you choose? In recent years, frozen yogurt has become a popular alternative to ice cream due to its reputation for being healthier. However, several factors need to be considered before deciding which frozen treat is best for you. Depending on the type of frozen yogurt and toppings you choose, ice cream may actually be the healthier choice. Ice cream and frozen yogurt are both frozen treats made from dairy, but there is a significant difference that sets them apart. In order ... Read more

Gelato the Speedy way…

Have you been toying with the idea of making your own ice cream? Does the idea of spending a large sum of money on a thought or dream scare you? Fear not! There’s many different ways of making ice cream and it doesn't have to cost the earth! The dream of opening your own ice cream parlour is one shared by many but the unfortunate reality is life doesn't always make it feasible. The cost of rent, equipment costs, staff, power etc etc. the list is ... Read more

Ice Cream or Gelato…? You choose….

Gelato – the posh way to say ice cream, right? Wrong! Ice cream isn't JUST ice cream! Everywhere we go these days, there seems to be a new café or coffee shop opening and ice cream parlours & Gelateria’s are capitalising on the new casual dining trend which is becoming an ever increasing presence on the high street. Whether it’s Ben & Jerry’s at the local cinema or the family owned ice cream parlour which has been around longer that you have; there’s never been more ... Read more

Jaffa Orange Cakes Ice Cream

Recipe of the Month Jaffa Orange "Cakes" Ice Cream - find out how to make this tasty  ice cream (more…) Read more

Christmas Pudding Ice Cream Recipe

Ingredients - Base Mix (Sufficient mix to fill a Taylor CH03 - 30 litre pasteuriser) 20 litres Whole milk 1.5 litres Double cream 3 Kg Sugar 3 Kg Comprital MUSA powder (stabiliser blend) Ingredients - Christmas Pudding Flavour (sufficient to make 2 - 5 litre Napoli containers) 6 litres Base Mix (recipe above) 400g cooked Christmas Pudding (crumbled up) 100 ml Brandy (optional to taste) Instructions: 1. Manufacture the base mix, as per the instructions provided with your Pasteuriser. Ideally, allow the mix to age for 4-6 hours before use. 2. Decant 6 litres ... Read more