Taylor Touch Free

Taylor Touch Free


Upgrade your Taylor C708 Heat Treatment soft ice cream freezer from the standard 14 day cleaning cycle to 28 days and take advantage of our new ‘Touch Free’ cleaning service.

You’ll never clean your Taylor Machine again!

Subscribe to our TAYLOR TOUCH FREE cleaning service and you’ll never have to clean your Taylor heat treatment soft ice cream machine again. Our 28 day subscription cleaning service will remove the hassle of stripping and brush cleaning your machine providing more up-time, less downtime and increased peace of mind.

Our Subscription Cleaning Service Includes:

  • FREE Upgrade* – Update your Taylor C708 heat treatment machine from the standard 14 day cleaning cycle to 28 days.
  • Cleaning EVERY 28 Days – One of our fully Taylor accredited and trained engineers will visit at a pre-arranged time every 28 days to brush clean, visually check over and recommission your Taylor heat treatment machine so it’s ready for use again.
  • FREE Monthly Health Check – During the scheduled cleaning visit, our engineer will inspect your Taylor machine and advise on any future preventative maintenance recommendations.
  • FREE Refresher Training – Our engineer will provide brief refresher training to any on-site staff as required; day-to-day cleaning & sanitisation procedures, fault finding & ‘lock-out’ processes and best practice information.

To qualify for the FREE upgrade, your Taylor C708 Heat Treatment machine must be no more than five years old and you sign up for a Taylor Touch Free contract for a minimum of six months.

If you have a C708, sign up for a six month cleaning contract for the equivalent of £169.00+Vat per month or, if you commit to a 12 month scheme, we’ll reduce the cost to the equivalent of ONLY £159.00+Vat per month!**

The 28 day cleaning cycle can be added to the purchase of any new Taylor Heat Treatment machine – ask your local sales manager for details.

Contact Taylor UK Customer Service & Support

Call 01473 350000 (option 2) or email

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Terms and Conditions:

  • *The free upgrade is only available on Taylor C708 Crown Series heat treatment machines manufactured from 01-01-2015 onward and is subject to machine serial number/software verification.
  • **The minimum duration of the ‘Touch-Free’ contract is six months. Payment will be required up front for the total amount due for the agreed term of your ‘Taylor Touch Free’ contract. On confirmation that you wish to progress, Taylor UK will forward you a proforma invoice, the first clean and machine upgrade will be scheduled once we receive your payment. Taylor UK reserves the right to amend or update it’s published pricing without notice. A month in this example is 28 days, a full year would equate to 13 ’28-day months’ or 13 cleans in total.
  • The upgrade is only free when ordered with an initial Taylor Touch Free package of 6 months. Machines can be upgraded to the 28 day cleaning cycle without subscribing to Taylor Touch Free, please contact 01473 350000 (option 2) for machine specific pricing and availability.
  • On the initial cleaning visit, the Taylor engineer; will upgrade the firmware on your machine to activate the 28 day cleaning cycle, will inspect the machine to ensure that no obvious issues will arise causing the machine to fail, will provide an initial supply of Taylor 28 day Lube, will advise the staff on-site about the new day-to-day cleaning, sanitisation and operational procedures relating to the 28 day process, will provide fault finding and advice on what to do should the machine ‘lock-out’, will leave the machine fully functioning and ready to serve.  It is the owners responsibility to ensure that the day to day cleaning procedures are maintained between cleaning cycles to prevent operator related failures.
  • The 28 day cleaning interval is subject to 3 days flexibility – for example; we may arrange to attend 2 or 3 days early to avoid inconvenient times; bus weekend, bank holidays etc. All cleaning visits will be scheduled at the time of taking out the contract and confirmed by email. Taylor UK reserve the right to reschedule cleaning visits, in the unlikely event that a pre-arranged cleaning visit is rescheduled, Taylor UK will provide you with at least 24 hours’ notice.  
  • Taylor Touch Free is a machine cleaning contract and does NOT constitute any form of extended warranty or service provision. The repair of mechanical and electrical faults or failures, not covered by the standard manufacturers warranty, will be chargeable. Extended warranties, preventative maintenance visits and ongoing service contracts can be arranged separately, contact Taylor UK aftercare on 01473 350000 (option 2) for details.
  • Machines found to be non-functioning or faulty on arrival, without prior notification, may not be repaired at that time and may result in a void call which is chargeable. It is the machine owners responsibility to place a service call should the machine develop a non-operator remedied fault and schedule a reactive repair call regardless of any scheduled cleaning visit. Reactive engineer calls for operator related errors and faults are not covered by the warranty and will be chargeable. 
  • It is the machine owner’s responsibility to maintain a supply of replacement o-rings, consumable sundries and 28 day clean Taylor lube. Should the Taylor engineer need to replace any consumable parts during the cleaning visit these can either be supplied from the customers ‘stock’ or the Taylor UK engineer can supply the necessary parts which will be charged accordingly. Taylor UK will provide approved cleaning sanitiser for the cleaning process but it is advised that customers keep a supply on site for day to day cleaning. Taylor Touch Free is a cleaning service NOT a parts replenishment service. Our ‘quarterly posting’ service can arrange the regular supply of consumables, contact us on 01473 350000 (option 2) to discuss your needs.
  • Taylor UK accepts no liability for any product degradation due to the 28 day cleaning interval. It is the customers responsibility to check with their product supplier as to the suitability of their products for use in a heat treatment machine with a 28 day cleaning interval.

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