Taylor UK’s resident Chef takes a look at the TurboChef 2020 conveyor oven

Taylor UK’s resident Chef takes a look at the TurboChef 2020 conveyor ovenTaylor UK’s resident Chef, David Rees takes a look at the TurboChef 2020 conveyor oven >>>>

David’s thoughts were if you need to increase the speed and throughput of your operation? Or would like to cook a 16” pizza twice as fast as the competition but don’t have the space for a massive traditional oven? Then the TurboChef 2020 Conveyor oven could be the solution you’re looking for…

Since Taylor UK was awarded the UK distributorship for the TurboChef brand back in 2008, there have be many new innovations and additions to the TurboChef range of ovens. The TurboChef 2020 High h Conveyor oven stands out from the others in more ways than just looks. David Rees, Taylor UK’s resident Chef takes a look at what makes it so good….

The TurboChef 2020 High h Conveyor is the only conveyor oven on the market in the UK which utilises  TurboChef’s air impingement systems, giving the oven extremely high heat transfer rates accelerating the cooking process and reducing the typical cook time by 30-50%!

Taylor UK’s resident Chef takes a look at the TurboChef 2020 conveyor ovenDavid comments; “The 2020 conveyor can cook sixty 12” fresh dough pizzas in an hour! Which is double the throughput compared to traditional conveyor ovens of the same footprint. What makes it extra special is the split belt option; this allows you to cook pizzas up to 12” at a rate of one a minute on one belt, whilst the other belt allows you to cook all of the extra items – chicken wings, garlic breads etc. For a conveyor of this size, this is truly unique!”

A major feature of all TurboChef ovens is their ventless* accreditation, allowing them to be used almost anywhere in most operations without the need for expensive extraction systems. The TurboChef 2020 Conveyor is no exception. The conveyor can be fitted with TurboChef’s catalytic convertor system which removes any grease and odours from the cooking chamber, preventing flavour transfer making sure the veggie pizza stays vegetarian!

David says; “Another unique feature of the conveyor is its ability to store eight different cooking programs. Giving the operator greater flexibility and allowing them to cook a wide range of different menu items through the same oven. The oven can be slowed down to bake cookies gently, grill chicken portions, toast sub style sandwiches, bake seafood, the list is almost endless… all programmed into the oven so anyone can use it.”

Features of the TurboChef 2020 High h Conveyor include:

Small footprint and stackable – The table top design has a small overall foot print for its output and they can be stacked up to three high.

Split belt options – the conveyor can be ordered with different split belt options giving the operator the greatest flexibly for a conveyor of its size.

Reversible belt as standard – the direction of the belt can be changed allowing the oven to be located almost anywhere ensuring the optimum flow throughout the operation.

Ventless* – When ordered with the catalytic convertor option, the oven doesn’t need to be located under expensive extraction hoods.

Fully electric – no need for expensive gas installations or ventilation systems – just plug in and go! (3-Phase power supply required)

Taylor UK’s resident Chef takes a look at the TurboChef 2020 conveyor oven

*Ventless certification is for all food items except for foods classified as “fatty raw proteins”. Such foods include; bone-in, skin-on chicken, raw hamburger meat, raw bacon, raw sausage, steaks etc. If cooking these types of foods, it is the customers responsibly to contact their local authority to ensure compliance with ventilation requirements.

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