The best idea to exist in a vacuum

The best idea to exist in a vacuumTaylor UK is now supplying a range of vacuum packagers from Orved, including the Idea 30 model.

Orved is an Italian manufacturer with over thirty years’ experience of building high quality vacuum packagers for a range of foodservice uses. In recent years the growth in popularity of Sous Vide cooking has seen increasing demand for vacuum packaging equipment.  However, in addition to cooking vacuum packing can be used to preserve food for longer, for example as part of a cook-chill system, as well as guaranteeing its hygiene and quality.

The best idea to exist in a vacuum

Orved Idea 30

The Idea 30 is a compact (433x502x378h mm) countertop vacuum sealer ideal for use in a range of businesses like restaurants, butchers, delicatessens and more.  Its compact footprint allows it to be installed in smaller locations, allowing a greater range of businesses to take advantage of vacuum packing.

The vacuum chamber is constructed from a non-welded, single piece of stainless steel that guarantees maximum strength while making it easy to clean. It’s covered by a blue tinted, high thickness Plexiglass lid that allows operators to see the food being processed.

The vacuum is created by a powerful digitally controlled pump with a flow rate of 8 cubic metres per hour, while a calibration free absolute vacuum sensor shuts the machine down automatically when the desired vacuum is reached. An integrated 310mm sealing bar helps to reduce operator interaction to a minimum.

Up to ten, editable programs can be accessed from the simple to use control panel covering a range of purposes, including food and liquid. It’s also possible to seal items outside of the chamber with the suction pipe accessory, which can work with containers or Orved’s specially designed “channelled” bags, which feature ridged cells that create a tight seal around the product without damaging it.

The Idea 30 is designed to be easy to maintain. The “H2out” pump oil dehumidification cycle can be set to run when required, helping to guarantee optimum efficiency, with an automatic oil change alarm to inform operators when further action is required. The casing has an opening on the front for easy maintenance.

“While Sous Vide has put vacuum packing on many kitchen’s radars in recent years, it’s a hugely useful process for a range of different uses,” says David Rees, marketing manager of Taylor UK. “Whether you want to ensure your food is stored at peak hygiene or experiment with new recipes, the Idea 30 is a flexible and affordable option.”

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