How to clean your Turbochef Oven Air Filter?

How to clean your Turbochef Oven Air Filter?
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Do you have a Turbochef Sota, i3, i5, Encore, Bullet or a conveyor?

Hopefully our don’t experience any problems with your oven and the following advice is already part of your weekly cleaning procedure but just in case…

How to clean your Turbochef Oven Air Filter?As part of your weekly cleaning procedure you must remove the air filter from the back of the oven and carefully clean this with some of the TurboChef oven cleaner and warm water to remove any dust build up. Let it dry completely before re-installing the filter back onto the oven. This procedure is best carried out as part of the end of service clean down where the filter can be left to dry over night.

The filter removes dust and grime from the air which the oven uses to cool itself down during its operation. If you hear the cooling fans running excessively or if either the F5 or F6 fault codes pops up on the screen, it’s an early sign that the filter needs cleaning or has become obscured by something as the oven is beginning to overheat. The Sota oven helpfully reminds you to clean the filter every now and then, but the other ovens in the range don’t unfortunately.

How to clean your Turbochef Oven Air Filter?

PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT put the air filter through the dishwasher. As tempting as this maybe, the dishwasher chemicals will corrode the aluminium of the filter and cause it to fall apart requiring you to order a replacement.

Avoid operating the oven without the filters in place, if they’re not in position the oven’s electronics will get covered in the dust that should be trapped and will ultimately require an engineer to visit you to clear it out and repair any potential damage it may have caused.

Exact details of any fault codes can be found in the operators manual which was supplied with your oven (this may be in the form of a CD).

Should you wish to order replacement TurboChef consumables or cleaning products, contact: Obtain-Wise Ltd – 01604 758999

Should your TurboChef oven require any service or maintenance work, contact: Marren-Group Ltd – 01933 666233

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