TurboChef Encore Oven


Can your Panini Grill cook your whole menu?TurboChef Encore Oven

We suspect not therefore the ‘Encore’ which is the latest addition to the Turbochef range will undoubtedly be of interest!

A few features and benefits of the TurboChef Encore versus a Panini grill:-

  • Quickly heats the Panini all the way through
  • Perfect grill marks
  • No ventilation hood required
  • Eliminates cooking odours
  • Energy efficient – considerable savings to be made
  • Increase menu range
  • Exterior styling perfect for front of house operations

The Encore from TurboChefTurboChef Encore Oven

Revolutionary performance

  • Cooks delicious food faster than ever
  • Improved energy efficiency by 20%
  • Minimal footprint, maximum cavity space
  • Easy to use: only two key presses to cook any item
  • Easy to clean
  • Customisable menu settings via USB or smart card
  • Consistent chef-quality results, no matter who is cooking
  • Accepts metal pans
  • Operates without a ventilation hood (UL®-KNLZ certified*)

The TurboChef Encore oven uses radiant heat, high-speed air impingement and side-launched microwave to cook food rapidly without compromising quality. TurboChef Encore Oven

Perfect For:-

TurboChef Encore Oven

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