Ventless Cooking - Deep Frying

The Fast Chef Elite+ creates effortless and perfect frying in record time with its extraordinary, easy to use pre-programmable technology.

No smoke, no odours, no mixing of flavours and most impressively no need for a ventilation canopy.

The current pandemic has pushed a lot of foodservice business to adapt their approach and food offers to either simply survive or capitalise on the changes in consumer demand. The rapid rise in takeaway, click & collect, and home delivery services has created a whole new market for a lot of businesses, especially those like convenience stores, newsagents and small supermarkets. These businesses have become ‘hubs of the community’ so expanding their offer to include a takeaway hot food option has proved massively successful.

Ventless cooking technologies like the Fast Chef Elite+ ventless deep fryer provide traditionally non-food lead business the ability to adapt to the ‘new normal‘. The ‘go-anywhere‘ design and functionality allows ventless cooking platforms to be installed in unconventional locations allowing the operator to start serving hot takeaway foods without the necessity of building complete kitchens with expensive extraction hoods.

The Fast Chef Elite+ ventless deep fryer would be perfect for…

Ventless Cooking – Deep FryingConvenience Stores & Small Supermarkets – set up a servery/prep area with a fryer, a freezer, and a wash basin and you can cook items, like fries, wedges, mozzarella sticks, and more quickly and hygienically to order straight from the freezer. Minimal wastage, maximum return!

Wet-led or non-food Bars – Expand your offer to include hot fried snacks. Items like Jalapeno poppers, Mac & Cheese bites, loaded fries and more, can be cooked quickly and simply from frozen, to order in the Fast Chef Elite+. The unit could be positioned on a back bar front of house, making cooking and serving quick and easy. Serving hot, salty snacks will keep drinkers drinking, put cash in your register!

Ventless Cooking – Deep FryingTraditional Restaurants – With socially distanced kitchens, it may be more practical and efficient to create different work areas – keep starters away from mains and minimise the close contact chefs have with each other. The ventless fryer could be positioned in a separate area away from the main cooking range allowing starters or bar snacks to be prepared safely and away from the main operation. This could help increase efficiency and customer satisfaction as they’ll be served quicker!

Preventing Cross-Contamination – The rise of allergens and dietary requirements means more and more customers are conscious about how their food is prepared. The Fast Chef ventless fryer can provide a space saving solution for operators looking to keep gluten free, vegetarian, or vegan products away from the main cooking range and fryers. The ventless operation would allow a ‘vegan’ or ‘gluten free’ area to be created without having to provide exclusive extraction for it.

Ventless Cooking – Deep FryingDessert Shops & Ice Cream Parlours – We all like sweet treats but not all customers have a sweet tooth. A ventless fryer could be installed on the back counter of your dessert parlour allowing you to serve complimentary fried dessert items like churros and donuts, or expand the menu to offer more savoury options providing something for everyone and capturing additional sales which may have been lost otherwise.

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There’s so many places where a ventless fryer could be installed… you don’t even need to keep it in the kitchen, the Fast Chef Elite+ can be operated in function rooms, in food trucks or stalls, or behind the bar… you just need a suitable power supply!

Ventless Cooking – Deep Frying

Here are some reasons why you should choose a ventless fryer…

Ventless Cooking – Deep FryingProfit-Making opportunities with it’s versatility – Featuring the ability to fry multiple types of food at the same time and have the next four portions loaded into the automatic carousel, it provides the opportunity to expand your menu without slowing down service. It’s fast paced frying integral collection tray means your cooked goods will dispensed and drained of oil ready to be plated.

Ventless, odourless, without mixing flavours – The Fast Chef Elite+ filter system completely eliminates smoke and greatly minimises frying odours, making it possible to fry different foods in the same oil without mixing flavours. Perfect for swapping between savoury and sweet fried goods. All without the need for installed ventilation.

The internal filtration system condenses any moisture and grease from the air which is filtered before it is expelled back into the working environment.

Automatic frying with programmable settings – With the press of a button, chips, tempura vegetables, churros, goujons and much more are frying perfectly without the reliance on human intervention. Reducing chances of frying error and product wastage. The pre-set cooking times also reduce chances of timing errors for multiple product orders.

Traditional frying with record speed – Unlike traditional style frying, the Fast Chef Elite+ is an enclosed fryer that minimises the loss of heat and keeps the oil at optimal cooking temperature. The added option to fry two products at once with up to four on standby dramatically reduces the time between a customer ordering and service to their table.

Ventless Cooking – Deep FryingSafety is paramount – The frying components of the Fast Chef Elite+ are encased in Stainless Steel, reducing the chances of hot oil accidents in the workplace. The external surfaces of the unit are cool to the touch as all of the hot components are contained within the lockable cabinet.

Low maintenance – One of the best features of the Fast Chef Elite+, is the cleaning process. It has been designed so that all detachable parts are simple to disassemble for cleaning and some are even dishwasher friendly. The enclosed frying chamber is insulated from other parts, eliminating soiling of the other components.

Simple Oil Changes – Changing oil is a strenuous job, not with the Fast Chef Elite+. When cool, simply attach the included hose & bucket and the oil will be filtered, ready for use again in minutes. The food debris will be separated and can be disposed of easily.

Ventless Cooking – Deep Frying

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