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Hot sandwiches, tasty snacks and light meals cooked quickly, to order with a Sota from TurboChef.

Coffee Shops, Tea Rooms, Ice Cream Parlours, Snack Bars, Kiosks, Canteens and almost all other applications…

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Small yet MIGHTY!

Are you still using a contact grill ‘Panini press’ to toast all of your hot sandwiches? There’s another way and it could save you time and speed up customer service times without taking up too much extra space!

Contact grills are fine, but they’re limited on the types of product you can heat and toast and they’re subject to staff inconsistency; one team member may crush the life out of your Paninis where another may only lightly press the item, this affects both the heating time and the finish of the product. Using a TurboChef Sota will eliminate those variables (assuming your products are consistent), it will heat and toast your products quickly and consistently regardless of the operator ensuring that you provide your customers with a standardised product which will protect your brand consistency making sure clients keep coming back time and time again. Simply put the item in the oven, select the relevant menu setting and the TurboChef does the rest…

With a little imagination you can cook and heat almost anything in a TurboChef, here’s a few examples:

  • TurboChef Toasties

    Cheese Topped Toasties in 80 seconds

    1 or 2 Toasted Sandwiches in ONLY 80 seconds
  • Up to 3 ‘Panini’ sandwiches in 75 seconds
  • Heat Quiches and Tartlettes in 55 seconds
  • Re-gen Buffalo Chicken Wings, from frozen, in only minutes
  • 10″ Frozen Pizza in as little as 90 seconds
  • Gooey Cookie Dough in 60 seconds
  • Re-gen frozen Waffles, Mini Donuts and Pancakes in 45 seconds
  • Crispy Churros direct from the freezer in less than 2 minutes!
  • Heat & glaze a Penne Pasta Bake in less then 3 minutes
  • Roast Asparagus Spears in 6o seconds
  • Baked individual fresh Salmon en Croute in minutes

IMG_2883Swapping your contact grill for a TurboChef will also have a few hidden benefits…

Save energy – most good quality contact grills have a power rating of at least 2.5Kw which means its drawing that amount of power at all times even when it’s not making you any money. A TurboChef Sota draws only 700W when it’s idle which means it’s not wasting unnecessary energy and money when its not working.

Nicer working environment – contact grills can radiate quite a lot of heat which can raise the temperature of the working area especially in smaller operations. The TurboChef Sota is extremely well insulated trapping the majority of the heat inside which helps with energy efficiency and external surfaces only reach around 35°C (+/-) making it pleasant to work near.

Reduce unwanted smells & odours – the smell of burning cheese on a contact grill can become quite acrid and unpleasant for customers. The ventless operation of the TurboChef removes these unwanted smells from the cooking chamber, preventing them from tainting the shop environment making it nicer for customers.

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