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ISA – Multiplo Professional Pozzetti Counter

The ISA Multiplo is a professional pozzetti gelato counter which can be either supplied finished as a standalone counter or ‘unfinished’ to be built-in.

The Multiplo is available with either 4, 6, 8 or 10 pozzetti tubs and can be specified with twin temperature zones allowing the operator to store and serve two different styles of product at two different serving temperatures. For example, high fat ice cream in one zone and dairy free sorbet in the other.

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Standard features of the ISA Multiplo include:

  • Flavours – 4, 6, 8 or 10, standard 7 litre Carapine containers.
  • Power – 230V / 50Hz / 1ph
  • Dimensions – 770 to 1520 (W)  x 805 (D) x 1170 (H) mm
  • Panel Finishes – Front and side panels lacquered white. Can be supplied ‘unfinished’ for built-in applications.
  • Installation – Standalone ‘plug-in’, remote installation available on request.
  • Refrigerant – R452A.
  • Refrigeration – Induction.
  • Defrost Cycle – Off cycle.
  • Climate Class – 7, 35ºC with 75% relative humidity.
  • Product Storage Temperature: –6 / -14 ºC
  • Closure – Pozzetti covers.
  • Serving Area – Mirrored stainless steel.
Ice Cream & Gelato

Ice Cream & Gelato


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ISA Multiplo
ISA Multiplo
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