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Refrigerated Display Cabinets

Refrigerated display cabinets from Taylor UK keep your produce fresh for longer no matter the temperature. We have lots of fridge display cabinet options from pastry cabinets to grab and go cabinets for drinks and sandwiches, serve over displays and multi deck refrigerators. We also offer freezer display cabinets which are great for ice cream displays or frozen desserts. If you want to find out more, request a free consultation or give us a call on 0800 838896 to see which is the best chilled display cabinet option for your business.

ISA Metro Combi

ISA – Metro COMBI Refrigerated Display

The ISA Metro COMBI is a split level display cabinet. The open fronted lower area is ideal for grab n’ go drinks and the upper, assisted service, area can be chilled, ambient or heated.


ISA – Metro ST SELF Self Serve Refrigerator

The ISA Metro ST SELF is a fully refrigerated open fronted grab & go display case which is available in three widths and two heights.

ISA Metro ST

ISA – Metro ST Refrigerated Display

The ISA Metro ST is a fully refrigerated display case which can be ordered in either chilled, humidity controlled for chocolates, or heated to keep pies and pasties warm during busy service times.

ISA Stratos

ISA – Stratos Professional Gelato Cabinet

The ISA Stratos professional, gelato cabinet is the perfect ice cream display cabinet for both seasoned professionals and beginners alike.

ISA Stratos Pastry

ISA – Stratos Pastry

The ISA Stratos Pastry is a professional fully refrigerated display cabinet with one refrigerated glass shelf ideal for the display of fresh cream cakes.

ISA Bermuda Promotional Cabinet

ISA – Bermuda Ice Cream display with Storage

The ISA Bermuda is an entry level ice cream display cabinet making it the perfect addition to any business looking to add scoop ice cream or gelato to their food service operation. 

ISA Bermuda View Gelato Display Cabinet

ISA – Bermuda View

Increased visibility promotional gelato display  The Bermuda View is a compact promotional gelato display cabinet with ventilated refrigeration. 

ISA Supercapri

ISA – Supercapri Professional Gelato

The ISA Supercapri is a professional, ventilated ice cream and gelato display cabinet which can be standalone or combined with additional cabinets.

ISA Supercapri Pastry

ISA – Supercapri Pastry

The ISA Supercapri Pastry is a professional fully refrigerated display cabinet with refrigerated glass shelves positioned above the main display are for maximum impact.

ISA Carrettino Classic

ISA – Il Carrettino Classic Gelato Display

This quirky gelato display cart is perfect for almost everyone. An extra layer of ice cream containers can reside below the display layer-  sell twice the volume in one go!

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