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Ice Cream Display Freezers

Ice cream display freezers, counter top displays, and gelato display counters to show off your delicious ice creams and gelatos to customers. All our ice cream freezer displays are manufactured by ISA and are in plug-in so easy to set-up. Our freezer displays come in range of sizes and additional features depending on how much space you have. For example, If your looking for a small ice cream displays with storage, then our Bermuda Ice cream display could be perfect for you. We also offer some unique ice cream counter options such as our Il Carrettino Classic Gelato Display which is perfect if your looking to sell on the move in different locations. Request a free consultation or call 0800 838896 to see how we can help with your ice cream display needs. Find out how to make to make the perfect ice cream with our soft serve machines.

ISA Bermuda View Gelato Display Cabinet

ISA – Bermuda View

Increased visibility promotional gelato display  The Bermuda View is a compact promotional gelato display cabinet with ventilated refrigeration. The lowered front panel maximises product visibility which will help increase sales by allowing customers to see your amazing products from a distance which will draw them into your business. This is unique in a cabinet of […]

ISA Delta

ISA – Delta, Side Ventilated Display

The Delta is the only professional display cabinet on the market that can accommodate two rows of standard 5 litre Napoli containers in a cabinet that is only 83cm deep! To achieve this result, the ISA R&D team patented a new type of side ventilation that allows the depth of the cabinet to be kept to a […]


ISA – Diva Professional Gelato Display

The Diva is a professional display cabinet perfect to showcase your ice cream or gelato in the most appealing and appetising way possible. The pillar less glass design provides maximum visibility of you products increasing sales.   To find out more fill in the quick form above the image and one of our product experts will […]

ISA Bermuda Promotional Cabinet

ISA – Bermuda Ice Cream display with Storage

This entry level ice cream display cabinet is the perfect addition to any business looking to add scoop ice cream or gelato to their food service operation. The additional storage cabinet makes it perfect for operators with limited space as spare napoli containers can be stored in the lower part of the cabinet. To find […]

ISA Panavision Frozen Dessert Display

ISA – Panavision Frozen Dessert Display

The ISA Panavision frozen dessert display is a low temperature cabinet for the perfect preservation and display for ice cream cakes, frozen desserts and single portion treats. It’s stylish design makes it perfect for any environment. ISA’s cold air flow refrigeration system ensures uniform temperature distribution throughout the cabinet.  ISA ‘cold air flow’ ventilated refrigeration system. […]

ISA Carrettino Carapine

ISA – Il Carrettino Carapine Gelato Cart

This quirky ice cream cart is perfect for almost everyone. It also has an inbuilt scoop washer and only requires a single 13 amp socket: giving you true flexibility in terms of placement. To find out more about the Carrettino Carapine display simply fill in the quick enquiry form above the image. Automatic hot gas defrosting. One […]

ISA Carrettino Classic

ISA – Il Carrettino Classic Gelato Display

This quirky ice cream cart is perfect for almost everyone. An extra layer of ice cream containers can reside below the display layer-  sell twice the volume in one go! It also has an inbuilt scoop washer and only requires a single 13 amp socket: giving you true flexibility in terms of placement. To find […]

ISA Millennium ST

ISA – Millennium ST Professional Gelato Cabinet

The Millennium is the ice cream display cabinet that thousands of bars, ice cream shops and vendors all over the world have already chosen for its reliability and performance. You instantly recognise Millennium for its brilliant character, its hi-tech construction and enhanced power system. It is designed and tested in climate class 7 with a […]

ISA Millennium LX

ISA – Millennium LX Ventilated Ice Cream Display

This is a top of the line refrigerated display for your ice cream and gelato. Should you go for the 12 + 12 version of this cabinet you can have it set to two temperatures simultaneously. So as gelato and ice cream are typically served at different temperatures you could in-fact sell both, with both […]

ISA Isabella

ISA – Isabella LX Promotional Display Cabinet

This refrigerated display cabinet is purpose built for showing off your range of gelato and ice cream to customers. Keep your ice cream at the perfect serving temperature – even on hot days – and for your convenience this model can be fitted with a double level of containers for those really busy days. To […]

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