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Ice Cream Display Freezers

Ice cream display freezers, counter top displays, and gelato display counters to show off your delicious ice creams and gelatos to customers. All our ice cream freezer displays are manufactured by ISA and are in plug-in so easy to set-up. Our freezer displays come in range of sizes and additional features depending on how much space you have. For example, If your looking for a small ice cream displays with storage, then our Bermuda Ice cream display could be perfect for you. We also offer some unique ice cream counter options such as our Il Carrettino Classic Gelato Display which is perfect if your looking to sell on the move in different locations. Request a free consultation or call 0800 838896 to see how we can help with your ice cream display needs.

ISA Isabella

ISA – Isabella LX Promotional Display Cabinet

This refrigerated display cabinet is purpose built for showing off your range of gelato and ice cream to customers. Keep your ice cream at the perfect serving temperature – even on hot days – and for your convenience this model can be fitted with a double level of containers for those really busy days. To […]

ISA Isetta Ice Cream Display

ISA – Isetta Promotional Ice Cream Cabinet

The Isetta Cabinet is designed for retailers who will be selling a high volume of ice cream – it keeps temperature extremely well and it’s easy, of course, to swap tubs out when they’re empty. In fact, you can have a double level of containers, allowing you to continue serving uninterrupted. For more information please […]

ISA Fiji

ISA – Fiji Promotional Ice Cream Display

These wonderful cabinets are designed to work around your existing setup. Easy to place and move, you could potentially make these more prominent in the summer months to really push ice cream sales. Find out how these refrigerated displays could boost your sales by filling in the quick enquiry form above the image. Static refrigeration […]

ISA Gelato Show 2

ISA – Gelato Show II Professional Ice Cream Display

This is the first cabinet with a fully transparent structure – allowing you to really show off your gelato & ice cream. So you not only get the decorative top of the rippled ice cream & fruits tempting customers in with your wonderful fresh cold treats, but you can also show off the layers too. […]

ISA Kaleido Gelato

ISA – Kaleido Professional Ice Cream Cabinet

This ice cream display cabinet is a great way of generating more revenue by showing off your wonderful range of ice creams and gelato. Looks great, shows off your product really well and is easy to serve from. To find out more please fill in the quick form above the image and one of our product […]


ISA – Mito Winner Professional Ice Cream Display

Designed with ecological awareness and energy-saving in mind, this mito winner professional display is also tested in very high temperatures, so you can be assured your ice cream will remain perfect even at the peak of summer. A flexible unit built to suit many operators this represents the pinnacle of commercial ice cream refrigeration & […]

ISA Mito Power

ISA – Mito Power Professional Gelato Display

This refrigerated display is great for both bakeries to display their pastries and ice cream parlours to show off their ice creams and gelato. There’s a lot of customisability in this model – meaning it can be changed to suit your unique needs without costing the earth! To find out more please fill in the […]

ISA Gelato SuperShow

ISA – Gelato SuperShow Professional Gelato Display

Ventilated refrigeration with horizontal finned evaporator. Poly carbonate sliding door on operators side. Internal neon lighting in canopy. Double airflow for a perfect uniformity of temperature. Automatic reverse cycle defrosting. One piece body with ecological polyurethane insulation (HCFC and HFC free), foamed with CO2- 60 mm thick. Tempered glass structures. Tilt-down front glass opening. Temperature control […]

ISA Bmix Cold Stone

ISA – BMix Cold Stone

This refrigerated display is purpose built for not only displaying your ice cream & gelato but also the actual preparation of your desserts. This commercial ice cream freezer would make a great dessert station in a restaurant, with up to 5 chilled containers for different flavours and a wet well bain marie for sauces & […]

ISA Tornado

ISA – Tornado Upright Refrigerated Displays

This truly flexible refrigerated display can be supplied as a fridge, freezer or as a combination of the two. Keep soft drinks and beer perfectly chilled, serve up convenient frozen foods or display wonderful pastries and cakes – the Tornado is perfect for restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, corner shops & ice cream parlours. To find out […]

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