MagiKitch’n Commercial Griddles

Highly efficient commercial griddles from MagiKitch’n. Chrome griddles operate 30% more efficiently than conventional flat top grills saving energy with no loss of quality.

These highly efficient griddle are easy to use & cook delicious food every time. You can grill vegan burger patties, veggie burgers, bacon, eggs, pancakes, beef burgers, kebabs and even fish fillets & shellfish, the list goes on… Read more below and click View Chrome griddles to see the range!

MagiKitch’n Electric Griddles

MagiKitch’n Electric GriddlesThe STRONGEST link in your chain!

Chrome plated vs standard steel griddles…

 Griddle performance is greatly enhanced with chrome. MagiKitch’n uses T1 Armor Plate grade steel, the most dense and hardest steel griddle plate in commercial food service. A chrome surface is then applied through a multi-step process giving a mirror finish. The thermal conductivity of the plate assures controlled, even heat distribution throughout the cooking area.

MagiKitch’n Electric Griddles

A chromed surface means:

High performance at lower temperature settings – The chromed surface transfers heat more efficiently where you want it – to the food. Heat is maintained in the griddle plate. You can cook at lower temperatures, faster with less shrinkage, and control caramelisation of the food better than conventional steel griddles.

No flavour transfer – The smooth chrome surface keeps flavours and food particles from being trapped as they can in regular steel griddles. The smooth surface virtually eliminates flavour migration.

Easier clean-up than conventional steel griddles – To clean the chrome surface, simply scrape the griddle with the scraper, wash with cold water and a palmetto brush, then polish with a damp cloth and cleanser. It’s quick and easy and takes approximately 40% less time to clean than conventional steel plates. As a result, the labour savings and increase in staff morale help justify the cost of purchase.

Lower air conditioning expenses – The heat transfer from the griddle surface into the air around the griddle is less than 10% of a conventional steel plate griddle. That means a lot less heat is wasted in the kitchen saving energy and creating happier employees.

MagiKitch’n Electric GriddlesLower energy costs – In an independent research study commissioned by a major utility (in the USA), it was found that chromed griddles reduced energy use by up to 30%. MagiKitch’n chrome griddles are certified by Energy Star for their energy efficiency.


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MagiKitch’n Electric Griddles

MagiKitch’n Electric Griddles

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MagiKitch’n Chrome Griddles

MagiKitch’n Electric Griddles

36″ Chrome Griddle

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Chrome Cooking Surface – Operates up to 30% more efficiently.
Smooth Chrome Plate – Prevents unwanted flavour migration across the griddle.
Independent Temperature Zones – Each 12″ wide cooking area can be set at a different temperature providing great flexibility.
The strongest griddle around! – the grill plate is made from T1 ‘Armor plate’ grade steel for amazing strength and durability.
Trusted Technology – the MagiKitch’n range of chrome griddles are used across the globe on a daily basis by some of the worlds biggest restaurant operators.

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MagiKitch’n Electric Griddles48″ Chrome Griddle

(Also available in 24″)