You should use a TurboChef…

Hot sandwiches, tasty snacks and light meals cooked quickly, to order with a Sota from TurboChef. Coffee Shops, Tea Rooms, Ice Cream Parlours, Snack Bars, Kiosks, Canteens and almost all other applications... Are you still using a contact grill 'Panini press' to toast all of your hot sandwiches? There's another way and it could save you time and speed up customer service times without taking up too much extra space! Contact grills are fine, but they're limited on the types of product you can ... Read more

Low on cash? Spread the cost with a lease…

Do you need a new piece of equipment for your business but don't currently have the spare funds to buy it outright? A lease from Kennet Equipment Leasing could be the solution you're looking for... Any equipment supplied by Taylor UK can be purchased on a lease from Kennet, whether that's a small counter top soft serve freezer for your convenience store, a TurboChef Sota oven for your coffee shop or complete ISA shop fit out for your latest project! Call Taylor UK to ... Read more

Ten out of Ten for Taylor UK

Taylor European Distributor of the Year 2018 awarded to Taylor UK for the tenth year in a row...  Taylor UK, exclusive distributor the market-leading Taylor Company range of soft serve ice cream and frozen beverage machines, has won the brand’s European Distributor of the Year award for 2018.  Melissa McCormick (Taylor Company’s senior vice president – global sales) and Jeremy Dobrowolski (president) gave the award to Simon Aspin, managing director of HTG Trading Ltd, which owns Taylor UK, and Pete Gray, managing director ... Read more

Coffee… Is anything more profitable?

A fresh cup of brown gold... Have you ever wondered why everyone sells coffee these days? It's HUGELY PROFITABLE, that's why! Install a La Cimbali S20 fully automatic bean to cup coffee machine into you cafe, refectory, restaurant, bar, kiosk or any other food service environment and it could pay for itself in a matter of months... How much did you pay for your morning coffee? Or maybe a simple black coffee... Simply sell 150 coffees a day and your business you could generate over £98K ... Read more

Taylor UK becomes exclusive UK distributor for Quality Fry ventless fryers

Taylor UK is now the Quality Fry exclusive UK distributor... There’s a new fryer on the block that needs no ventilation, is entirely safe, and is clean and easy to use... Introducing Fast Chef Elite+ ventless fryers from Quality Fry, the newest addition to the Taylor UK equipment portfolio... Quality Fry, a Spanish company founded in 2015, is a relatively new manufacturer in the food service industry. But youth isn't a bad thing... it brings with it a fresh look on how commercial catering ... Read more

Taylor 736 – It’s everything you want from Soft Serve Freezer!

The Model 736... New From Taylor Company. It has everything you want from a soft serve freezer!  Less downtime, more throughput... The brand new Taylor 736 from Taylor Company is the complete package for operators looking for a soft serve freezer which has a small foot print with a counter top design. The heat treatment system reduces unnecessary downtime as full, strip down cleaning is only required once every fourteen days and the newly designed gear driven pump provided controllable and consistent overrun regardless of ... Read more

What’s your profit potential?

From freezer to fryer to fork in minutes... Have you ever wondered what your profit potential could be by adding additional product lines or menu items to your business? Install a Fast Chef Elite+ ventless fryer in your business, you could start offering a range of hot, cooked to order, snacks which are high in margin but low in effort... What would you pay for a portion of French Fries? Hmm? Some onion rings could be nice too... By simply adding these two new menu items to ... Read more

Ventless Technology – Condensation or Catalytic converter…?

Ventless technology... They don't all work the same and here's the reasons why... Taylor UK supplies two different types of ventless technology used in commercial catering equipment; TurboChef rapid cook ovens and Fast Chef Elite fryers. Both ventless technologies work perfectly fine in their own right but they operate in very different ways, here's the principle of how they work and why... Rapid Cook Ovens - Catalytic Converters Turbochef was a pioneer in the development of ventless rapid cooking technology, the unique method in ... Read more

Customer Story – Shakeys Lounge

Father and son team take over a deserted old pharmacist building in Nottingham and turn it in to a new, independently run, quick service restaurant that's perfectly located to service the needs of the students of Nottingham University. Shakeys Lounge was born in early 2018, they offer a wide range of fast casual menu items including, but certainly not limited to, burgers, pizzas, hot wraps, peri-peri chicken and grilled sandwiches. With it's great location in the city centre of Nottingham and a large ... Read more

Taylor C119 – Automatic, Gelato Freezer

Gelato is exploding in the UK, deeply rooted in Italian culinary history. With bright attractive colours, intense flavours, smooth velvety texture and natural ingredients, gelato fulfils your customers desire for a simple indulgence and pleasure... Visually, gelato is amazing when decorated and displayed correctly, thereby driving customer curiosity and appeal which undoubtedly will lead to high levels of sales and profitability. The Taylor by Frigomat C119 is the perfect way to enter the ice cream / gelato market. Its a compact, floor standing ... Read more
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