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Equipment Review – Taylor 432 Twin Barrel Frozen Drinks Machine

Two Flavours... Twice the Fun! Shakes or Slush... Margarita's and Daiquiri's... Smoothies & Protein Shakes... or any combination of them all... The Taylor 432 twin flavour frozen beverage machine is the perfect addition to any business looking to serve multiple flavours of delicious, amazing frozen drinks! Serve over one hundred 12oz frozen drinks an hour with this twin flavour frozen drinks machine. Each side works independently to the other allowing the operator to serve two different frozen drink products from the same easy to assemble, ... Read more

Jargon or Gibberish? – Whats the difference between Ice Cream & Gelato?

What Are The Differences Between Gelato & Ice Cream? After "What's your favourite ice cream flavour?", the question we get asked the most as an ice cream equipment suppler is... "What makes Gelato different from ice cream?" So... What are the differences between Gelato and Ice Cream? These days, Ice Cream is most commonly thought of as an 'American Style' of ice cream which typically has both a high level of butterfat and high overrun (the percentage of air contained within the product). Whereas Gelato ... Read more
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Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine Buying Guide

Welcome to Taylor UK's ultimate soft serve ice cream machine buying guide, designed to answer your questions and provide advice to help you choose the perfect Taylor Soft Serve machine for your business. Lets start at the beginning... What is Soft Ice Cream and where did it come from? According to Wikipedia, ice cream was first created in Persia around 500BC but the product which they had way back then is a far cry from the one we know today... The true origins of ... Read more

You should use a TurboChef…

Hot sandwiches, tasty snacks and light meals cooked quickly, to order with a 13amp Sota from TurboChef. Coffee Shops, Tea Rooms, Ice Cream Parlours, Snack Bars, Kiosks, Canteens and almost all other applications where you want to serve great hot, fresh food... Are you still using a contact grill 'Panini press' to toast all of your hot sandwiches? There's another way and it could save you time and speed up customer service times without taking up too much extra space! Contact grills are fine, ... Read more
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Vegan Soft Serve

Soft Serve can be for everyone! Vegan - noun / a person who does not eat or use animal products  We all know that soft serve ice cream is usually made from dairy products (the clue's in the name) but over the past few years consumers have started to change their eating habits and the ice cream industry has tried to keep pace. The development of healthier options like tart frozen yogurt, which typically has half the calories compared to regular soft ice ... Read more
Frigomat GX Concept

The GX Concept from Frigomat

The GX concept from Frigomat is perfect if you’re tight on space... The Frigomat GX units double as both a batch freezer and display cabinet in one unit. This can reduce your initial capital outlay by reducing the number of pieces of equipment which you need to buy at the beginning when you set up your new concept. We’d always recommend making your own neutral base mix in a pasteuriser like the CH03 but any type/style of base mix will work just ... Read more
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Pratica EC3 Combination Oven. Cook more in less space…

Compact, counter top and it takes up to 5* full size 1/1 Gastronorm trays... The Pratica EC3 combination oven has all of the functionality of bigger, more complicated oven manufacturers in a space friendly foot print with a pocket friendly price tag! The Pratica EC3 can cook in a number of different ways Bake with dry heat at any temperature from 30 to 250ºC ideal for baking. Steam at 100ºC with fan assisted heat distribution for a more even cook, perfect for delicate vegetables like ... Read more
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Flavor Burst. The only way to make soft serve ice cream even more profitable!

Adding soft serve ice cream to your food service operation, kiosk or convenience store could be the most profitable decision you'll ever make for your business... Install a self-contained Taylor soft serve freezer into your business and you could see a return on your investment in a matter of months... Soft ice cream is a genuine impulse purchase loved by all generations whether that's children on the way home from school or adults out for a relaxing walk at the weekend. Everyone likes ... Read more
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Low on cash? Spread the cost with a lease…

Do you need a new piece of equipment for your business but don't currently have the spare funds to buy it outright? A lease from Kennet Equipment Leasing could be the solution you're looking for... Any equipment supplied by Taylor UK can be purchased on a lease from Kennet, whether that's a small counter top soft serve freezer for your convenience store, a TurboChef Sota oven for your coffee shop or complete ISA shop fit out for your latest project! Call Taylor UK to ... Read more
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Ten out of Ten for Taylor UK

Taylor European Distributor of the Year 2018 awarded to Taylor UK for the tenth year in a row...  Taylor UK, exclusive distributor the market-leading Taylor Company range of soft serve ice cream and frozen beverage machines, has won the brand’s European Distributor of the Year award for 2018.  Melissa McCormick (Taylor Company’s senior vice president – global sales) and Jeremy Dobrowolski (president) gave the award to Simon Aspin, managing director of HTG Trading Ltd, which owns Taylor UK, and Pete Gray, managing director ... Read more
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