Taylor UK’s Guide to Planetary Mixers

Chef and bakers in modern foodservice businesses offer customers a huge range of fresh and delicious products, from breads and cakes to biscuits, muffins and pizza crusts. These experts know that the key to their success is having a reliable commercial mixer that creates the highest-quality product possible. What they may not appreciate is that choosing the right mixer is even more important! It’s almost as significant as selecting the perfect ingredients for the recipes themselves. A commercial mixer must completely fit ... Read more

Get the Perfect Fry…

Get the Perfect Fry automatically with Taylor UK Latest self-contained deep fat fryer from the Perfect Fry Company Perfect Fry is the world’s leading manufacturer of self-contained deep fat fryers. The PFA is available in four different models with cooking capacities ranging from 22kg/hr to 40kg/hr. The PFA’s entire cooking process is automatic: staff put product into a front loading drawer, which is then automatically moved to the oil vat, then removed and dispensed once it has been cooked. The next batch can ... Read more
Baker Pride

Get an authentic New York Slice from Bakers Pride

Taylor UK now supplying range of pizza ovens from Bakers Pride Taylor UK is now supplying the P22S compact pizza oven from Bakers Pride Oven Company. Bakers Pride was founded in the Bronx, New York in 1945. It launched the world’s first production pizza oven and has established a worldwide reputation for the quality of its products. The P22S is a countertop unit that is ideal for businesses that want to offer authentically cooked pizza, flatbreads, pretzels and other baked products but have limited ... Read more
Josper HJX

Bring The Barbeque inside with Josper

We're now supplying Josper’s range of specialist solid fuel cooking appliances in the UK, including the Josper HJX line of charcoal broiler ovens. With the popularity of flame cooked food remaining strong, many businesses are looking for ways to add it to their menu. This can be difficult as the smoke generated by these cooking processes needs to be contained and removed. While some locations with exterior space might be able to offer barbecue during the summer months, this can be less ... Read more
Vacuum Packing for Chefs

Vacuum Packing for Chefs

Vacuum Packing for Chefs - A smart, intuitive, advanced use of vacuum packing! Orved, in cooperation with Top Chefs, have developed innovative techniques to ensure the best possible results for chefs. These techniques maximise the conservation of products, extend the shelf life, maintain the original taste of the food, and perform smart processes that would not be impossible without a vacuum packing machine. Orved have simplified and automated the vacuum packing process. They have optimised and improved many manual processes that would normally ... Read more

Guide to Vacuum Packing

Welcome to the Orved guide to Vacuum packing machines Vacuum packing is a modern food packaging technique. It involves the extraction of the air contained within a package which is then hermetically sealed. The process removes oxygen and all of all the chemical and bacteriological contaminants normally present in the air, such as polluting compounds, bacteria and moulds, preventing them from coming into direct contact with the product. Different vacuum levels can be used for different products. By simply adjusting the packing machine, ... Read more
Pizza Ovens

The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Pizza Ovens

Welcome to Taylor UK's ultimate guide to commercial pizza ovens In this guide we will walk you through all of the different types of commercial pizza oven supplied by Taylor UK and HTG Extras. This will hopefully give you the information you need to make an informed decision on choosing the right pizza oven for your business. What is a pizza oven? All ovens cook pizza - right? Well yes, that is true but some do it far better than others... The defining difference between ... Read more
LaCimbali S15

LaCimbali S15 –  Taylor made coffee menus!

 Taylor made coffee menus! Taylor UK now supplying La Cimbali’s latest powerful automatic coffee machine, the S15 Taylor UK is now supplying the S15, the latest compact bean to cup coffee machine from renowned Italian manufacturer La Cimbali. The S15 combines La Cimbali’s knowledge of coffee machines, gained since it was founded in 1912, with the latest technology to create a powerful and flexible automatic coffee maker that can produce up to 96 different high quality drinks automatically, making it easy to tailor make ... Read more

High Speed Oven Guide

Welcome to our ultimate guide to choosing the right high speed oven for your business. In this guide we will explain the differences between the different models of high speed oven, the principles on how they work, and the applications which they're best suited for. The guide will focus on speed ovens manufactured by TurboChef, Pratica, and Lincat. All of which are available to buy from Taylor UK who have over 13 years experience selling rapid cook ovens in the UK. Lets get started... What ... Read more

The best light duty catering equipment… Lynx400 from HTG Extras

Lynx400 - The best value catering equipment around! The Lynx400 range of catering equipment from Lincat could be the best value range of light-commercial catering equipment on the market! The range incudes everything you could possibly need to start serving great meals without spending an absolute fortune on equipment. The entire range is designed to plug into a standard 13amp plug socket. As a result, installation is easy as no expensive or complicated power supplies are required. All models in the Lynx400 range are ... Read more
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