Top Story – Frederick’s Ice Cream

Frederick's Fantastic Face Lift... Frederick's has been an ice cream making institution going right back to the 30's when it was founded in 1936. The Chorley shop still stands in it's original location on Bolton Road, which is also the location of Frederick's Ice Creams manufacturing factory. With additional shops located on Cuncliffe Street in Chorley and Mesnes Park in Wigan, Frederick's rightfully has the North West cornered when it comes to ice cream! Frederick's were’s North West Family Business of the ... Read more

Product Review – Start making your own Ice Cream… it’s really easy!

Do you want to start making your own ice cream or gelato? Here’s the basic principles of how the ‘HOT’ Process is carried out… There are 3 stages to production: Firstly, you want to make a neutral base mix. The raw ingredients; milk, cream, skimmed milk powder, sugar and some form of stabiliser/emulsifying powder need to be heated and stirred to fully blend the base mix. Heating to a temperature of 65-85°C (depending on the ingredients and recipe used) for a specific time to ... Read more

Top Tip – BLAST IT!

Make your homemade ice creams and Gelato's last longer in the deep freeze... Do you take the time to make your own ice creams and gelato? Would you like it to have a better shelf life in your storage freezer? Blast Freezing it in an ISA Zero Blast freezer could be the answer! When you churn ice cream in a batch freezer, the dispensed product is only usually about minus 7 or 8 degrees centigrade. This is much warmer than the ideal serving temperature ... Read more

Top Story – Dia La Pizzeria

Dia La Pizzeria is a well supported business with a town centre location in Swadlincote, Derbyshire. Having been established for almost 10 years, Shaun Metherm, owner of Dia La Pizzeria looked to Taylor UK for a new menu product to enhance their menu... The team at Dia La Pizzeria wanted to keep their customers interested in the business, looking to introduce new menu items which would keep existing customers coming back whilst attracting new ones at the same time. Shaun researched the ... Read more

Equipment Review – ISA KELLY P80 ‘Jewel Cases’

Are your pastries & cakes like gems? Do your chocolates sparkle like diamonds? Why don't show them off in a way which they deserve... Introducing the KELLY P80 range exclusively from ISA. These jewel case cabinets allow you to showcase your cakes, pastries, chocolates, sandwiches, savouries and so much more... The glass upper structures provide great visibility for your products showing them off as well as possible, the low level allows customers to look into the cabinets from above to get a really good view! Kelly ... Read more

Top Tip – Cleaning, are you using the right type of chemical?

Cleaning, are you using the right type of chemical? Every piece of equipment used in the food service industry needs to be cleaned properly to maintain high food safety standards and to ensure that it keeps working in the correct manner, whether it's a TurboChef rapid cook oven or a Taylor soft serve freezer. Each equipment type needs to be cleaned in using the correct type of cleaner but do you know the difference between the different types of cleaner? Step 1 - Choose ... Read more

Top Story – De Melo, a taste of Italy in Teesside…

 Bringing a taste of Italy to Teesside... Entrepreneur & Ambassador for Richard Branson, Imran Ayoub was already the owner of a successful coffee house in Middlesbrough, Teesside when a family friend, already in the ice cream business suggested he should start making his own gelato to sell in the shop. Through family connections, Imran quickly established relationships with some of the finest Gelato names in Italy for his ingredients and recipes, the only thing left was to decide who he was going to ... Read more

Top Tip – Turn a Sota into a Panini

 All you need is a new grill rack... By simply purchasing a Grill Rack for your TurboChef Sota you can turn it into a TurboChef Panini. This simple addition allows you to serve toasties, wraps and paninis with the traditional 'bar marks'.         (Please note: the addition of the grill rack may limit the cooking ability of the oven, reducing the range of products being cooked) Steps for Operating the TurboChef Sota Oven: Control Panel displays “TurboChef Sota Oven Off, Ready To Clean”. (Photo 1) Ensure Cooking Chamber ... Read more

Equipment Review – Taylor Clamshell Grills

Two sided cooking... Burgers, fish, steak, chicken, panni’s and breakfast items etc – just a few of the things the L Series clam shell grill can cook. In fact Taylor L Series Clamshell Grill takes grilling to the next level. With a long standing partnership with most of the world’s major fast food chains, the Taylor Company has been a US market leader when it comes to fast cooking and grilling. The Taylor L Series grill features the latest in efficiency, safety and productivity. ... Read more

Top Story – BOO Burger

Say BOO to a burger and SHAKE it... Set on busy London Road in Leicester Boo first opened it's doors early in April 2017 with the dream of serving a basic but high quality burger and Shake menu. The owners took over 6 months just to create their burger recipe. So next on the list was to find out how to make a simple but high quality thick shake. Having looked at what some of the American chains were doing they contacted Taylor ... Read more
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