ISA Metro Shop Display Counter

Introducing the NEW Metro ST & ST SELF

Small size, high volume and great versatility. The new Metro The new Metro comes in two different configurations; ST with glass fronts and ST SELF with open fronts for grab & go sales. Each version of the Metro comes with ventilated refrigeration. This means its the perfect display cabinet for showcasing both fresh and pre-packaged products. The Metro ST can be specified in three different options; chilled for preservation of fresh produce, humidity & temperature controlled for the perfect display of chocolates and pralines, or as ... Read more
Taylor 736 SLIM7

The Taylor 736 – SLIM7

A soft serve freezer that's ready for any rush! You’ve got customers. They want soft serve. But you don’t have a lot of space to spare. Enter the 736 SLIM7 Heat Treatment Soft Serve Freezer... Ready For Business - The most remarkable feature of the 736 is the ability to continuously serve customer after customer. Rapid recovery speed allows for the kind of high-volume throughput you expect from much larger models. You won’t be running out of properly frozen soft serve with the model 736. Like all ... Read more
Ventless deep fryer on a back counter

Ventless Cooking – Deep Frying

The Fast Chef Elite+ creates effortless and perfect frying in record time with its extraordinary, easy to use pre-programmable technology. No smoke, no odours, no mixing of flavours and most impressively no need for a ventilation canopy. The current pandemic has pushed a lot of foodservice business to adapt their approach and food offers to either simply survive or capitalise on the changes in consumer demand. The rapid rise in takeaway, click & collect, and home delivery services has created a whole new ... Read more
Taylor Touch Free

Soft Serve without the faff!

Make your Taylor Touch Free! Have you been thinking about selling soft ice cream? If you've been mulling over all of the soft serve machine options but have been unable to come to a decision, we may have the soft serve equipment package which you've been looking for... How does having a soft serve machine which you don't need to clean yourself sound? Taylor Crown Series heat treatment soft serve freezers can be upgraded to the new 28 day cleaning cycle which means you'll ... Read more
ISA Smartflex

ISA Smartflex – Hygienic, Energy Efficient Refrigeration

Smartflex Touch-Free Technology ISA's latest range of energy efficient multi-deck refrigerated displays utilise patented Smartflex touch-free technology. This latest generation of display fridges have clear poly-carbonate windows to keep the cold in and open automatically when a hand goes to enter the cabinet. There's no handles to pull or buttons to push, the customer only touches the product that they're going to buy creating a clean, hygienic environment. The exclusive technology patented by ISA that enhances product visibility but significantly lowers power consumption. Thanks ... Read more

Ventless cooking – part of the ‘new normal’

Socially distanced kitchens are going to be the 'new normal' But how do you create a responsible kitchen, with adequate social distancing to protect your valuable staff members and customers? One solution could be to create isolated food preparation or food serving areas. Chefs could work independently from one another avoiding close contact, respecting good social distancing albeit a little antisocially! Another idea could be to move some of the menu items, snacks and nibbles for example, to the front of house areas ... Read more
Ice Cream Outside

Ice Cream Outside…

Make the most of your outside areas! Create an ice cream serving station, perfect for responsible social distancing SELL 45 ICE CREAM SUNDAES A DAY, 4 DAYS A WEEK, FOR ONLY £5.95 AND YOU COULD MAKE OVER £34,000 ADDITIONAL PROFIT A YEAR!* Ice Cream Sundaes are a hugely profitable addition to any menu. A typical profit example for a soft ice cream sundae could be: Soft Serve Ice Cream Sundae R.R.P. - £5.95 Minus VAT at 20% - 99p Minus Average Product Cost - £1.25 Potential Profit per Sundaes - £3.71 Expected ... Read more
Taylor Touch Free from Taylor UK

Taylor Touch Free

Taylor TOUCH FREE Upgrade your Taylor Heat Treatment soft ice cream freezer from the standard 14 day cleaning cycle to 28 days and take advantage of our new 'Touch Free' cleaning service. You'll never clean your Taylor Machine again! Subscribe to our TAYLOR TOUCH FREE cleaning service and you’ll never have to clean your Taylor heat treatment soft ice cream machine again. Our 28 day subscription cleaning service will remove the hassle of stripping and brush cleaning your machine providing more up-time, less downtime ... Read more
Milkshakes to go by Taylor UK

Milkshakes To Go!

Milkshake Home Delivery Package Do you offer home deliveries? Or are you looking to start them soon...? Our milkshake home delivery package could be the perfect addition to your business, offer amazing hand spun shakes for either eat in (when we can do that again), takeaway or home delivery.  Our new range of Cambro GoBox® insulated home delivery boxes with integral beverage holders are the ideal solution for safe home deliveries. The robust thermal insulation will keep home deliveries cold (or hot, they can ... Read more
Cambro Delivery GoBox

Safe Home Deliveries

Make sure your home deliveries arrive at their destination as you intended! Taylor UK has launched a range of lightweight home delivery products ideal for keeping food orders beautifully hot or perfectly chilled. The Cambro 'Top Loader' GoBox® are a range of reusable, lightweight delivery boxes which can keep food deliveries either hot or cold for up to 4 hours. They're a cost effective solution for operators who provide home deliveries, or those who are looking to start offering a home delivery service. ... Read more
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