You should use a TurboChef…

Hot sandwiches, tasty snacks and light meals cooked quickly, to order with a 13amp Sota from TurboChef. Coffee Shops, Tea Rooms, Ice Cream Parlours, Snack Bars, Kiosks, Canteens and almost all other applications where you want to serve great hot, fresh food... Are you still using a contact grill 'Panini press' to toast all of your hot sandwiches? There's another way and it could save you time and speed up customer service times without taking up too much extra space! Contact grills are fine, ... Read more
Frigomat GX Concept

The GX Concept from Frigomat

The GX concept from Frigomat is perfect if you’re tight on space... The Frigomat GX units double as both a batch freezer and display cabinet in one unit. This can reduce your initial capital outlay by reducing the number of pieces of equipment which you need to buy at the beginning when you set up your new concept. We’d always recommend making your own neutral base mix in a pasteuriser like the CH03 but any type/style of base mix will work just ... Read more
Brocoli steam microwave

Pratica EC3 Combination Oven. Cook more in less space…

Compact, counter top and it takes up to 5* full size 1/1 Gastronorm trays... The Pratica EC3 combination oven has all of the functionality of bigger, more complicated oven manufacturers in a space friendly foot print with a pocket friendly price tag! The Pratica EC3 can cook in a number of different ways Bake with dry heat at any temperature from 30 to 250ºC ideal for baking. Steam at 100ºC with fan assisted heat distribution for a more even cook, perfect for delicate vegetables like ... Read more
cone offer

Flavor Burst. The only way to make soft serve ice cream even more profitable!

Adding soft serve ice cream to your food service operation, kiosk or convenience store could be the most profitable decision you'll ever make for your business... Install a self-contained Taylor soft serve freezer into your business and you could see a return on your investment in a matter of months... Soft ice cream is a genuine impulse purchase loved by all generations whether that's children on the way home from school or adults out for a relaxing walk at the weekend. Everyone likes ... Read more
Quality Fry - Exclusively from Taylor UK

Taylor UK becomes exclusive UK distributor for Quality Fry ventless fryers

Taylor UK is now the Quality Fry exclusive UK distributor... There’s a new fryer on the block that needs no ventilation, is entirely safe, and is clean and easy to use... Introducing Fast Chef Elite+ ventless fryers from Quality Fry, the newest addition to the Taylor UK equipment portfolio... Quality Fry, a Spanish company founded in 2015, is a relatively new manufacturer in the food service industry. But youth isn't a bad thing... it brings with it a fresh look on how commercial catering ... Read more
whippy cone ice cream

Taylor 736 – It’s everything you want from Soft Serve Freezer!

The Model 736... New From Taylor Company. It has everything you want from a soft serve freezer!  Less downtime, more throughput... The brand new Taylor 736 from Taylor Company is the complete package for operators looking for a soft serve freezer which has a small foot print with a counter top design. The heat treatment system reduces unnecessary downtime as full, strip down cleaning is only required once every fourteen days and the newly designed gear driven pump provided controllable and consistent overrun regardless of ... Read more

Taylor C119 – Automatic, Gelato Freezer

Gelato is exploding in the UK, deeply rooted in Italian culinary history. With bright attractive colours, intense flavours, smooth velvety texture and natural ingredients, gelato fulfils your customers desire for a simple indulgence and pleasure... Visually, gelato is amazing when decorated and displayed correctly, thereby driving customer curiosity and appeal which undoubtedly will lead to high levels of sales and profitability. The Taylor by Frigomat C119 is the perfect way to enter the ice cream / gelato market. Its a compact, floor standing ... Read more
milk cups

La Cimbali S20, Super-Automatic Coffee Machine

Introducing La Cimbali S20 to the Taylor UK equipment portfolio... Available TODAY! We have teamed up with La Cimbali, one of the world’s finest coffee equipment manufacturers, to offer you the opportunity to add a La Cimbali S20 Super-Automatic bean to cup coffee machine to your business. The new S20 was developed by drawing on over 100 years of knowledge and expertise about traditional machines. The result was a super-automatic machine which is the perfect solution for any business locations that serve around 200 cups a day. Thanks to its built-in ... Read more
Taylor C152

Introducing the Taylor C152

The iconic Taylor 152 'Taylor-Mate' soft serve freezer has finally been retired after decades of reliable service to both major high street chains and independent operators alike. Picking up the challenge is the new Taylor C152... So, what are the differences? Styling & Design - the new C152 has been completely 'face-lifted' to bring it's design inline with the other machines with the Taylor soft serve equipment range. Hopper Cover - made from tough, impact resistant plastic the new hopper cover provides both thermal insulation ... Read more
ISA One Show

Equipment Review – OneShow from ISA

New for 2018, ISA has released the OneShow.  These stylish, Italian designed display cabinets are available in both Gelato and Pastry configurations giving you the opportunity to transform your shop with a complete display solution which looks amazing whist still being functional! There's a number of variations of the OneShow cabinets; Free, Base and Standalone All three versions of the OneShow utilise ISA's clear poly-carbonate Napoli containers to provide the maximum visibility possible for your gelato, ice creams or chilled pastry products which is ... Read more
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