Commercial Bake Off Oven Guide

Commercial Bake Off Oven Guide What is a bake off oven? All ovens are created equal, aren't they? In short no. There's a wide variety of different types of oven, from a huge number of different manufacturers. In essence they're all metal boxes which get hot but there's so much more to it than that. Having the correct type of oven for your business can make all the difference. Having the right oven can increase productivity, improve product quality, create efficiencies and can ... Read more
Why choose Eloma?

Why Choose Eloma? Features & Benefits

There's so many options out there for combi and baking ovens, so why should you choose Eloma? When investing in a new commercial combi or baking oven there are many things to consider when deciding on which brand to choose. Eloma differentiate themselves mainly due to high quality, intuitive operation and absolute reliability. Highest technical level and reliability is a standard for Eloma products as they know this is what their customers need, as the equipment can make or break the show in ... Read more
Taylor UK Gelato Academy

Start Your Gelato Journey…

Join Taylor UK's Gelato Academy Starting a gelato or ice cream parlour is a little bit like planning a holiday. There's some essential items and then there's the extra bits which make it your own. Taylor UK has teamed up with two of the UK's most knowledgeable ingredients suppliers; NIC Ice (who trades in the UK as Marcantonio Waverley and Caterlink), and Antonelli. These partnerships have given Taylor UK the opportunity to offer a service which is unrivalled in the UK. Book your introductory Gelato ... Read more

Gelato Making Equipment Buying Guide

Our guide to the best gelato maker and machines Ice Cream or Gelato? What is the difference? Gelato’s just Italian ice cream, right? Well, sort of but not really… Gelato prides itself on being healthier than regular ice cream. In terms of calorie content this is a little misleading as they’re quite similar. But, from an ingredients perspective, gelato is usually made from fewer, higher quality ingredients making gelato arguably healthier than commercial ice creams. For example, ice cream can be made with a ... Read more

Taylor UK’s Guide to Planetary Mixers

Chef and bakers in modern foodservice businesses offer customers a huge range of fresh and delicious products, from breads and cakes to biscuits, muffins and pizza crusts. These experts know that the key to their success is having a reliable commercial mixer that creates the highest-quality product possible. What they may not appreciate is that choosing the right mixer is even more important! It’s almost as significant as selecting the perfect ingredients for the recipes themselves. A commercial mixer must completely fit ... Read more
Vacuum Packing for Chefs

Vacuum Packing for Chefs

Vacuum Packing for Chefs - A smart, intuitive, advanced use of vacuum packing! Orved, in cooperation with Top Chefs, have developed innovative techniques to ensure the best possible results for chefs. These techniques maximise the conservation of products, extend the shelf life, maintain the original taste of the food, and perform smart processes that would not be impossible without a vacuum packing machine. Orved have simplified and automated the vacuum packing process. They have optimised and improved many manual processes that would normally ... Read more

Guide to Vacuum Packing

Welcome to the Orved guide to Vacuum packing machines Vacuum packing is a modern food packaging technique. It involves the extraction of the air contained within a package which is then hermetically sealed. The process removes oxygen and all of all the chemical and bacteriological contaminants normally present in the air, such as polluting compounds, bacteria and moulds, preventing them from coming into direct contact with the product. Different vacuum levels can be used for different products. By simply adjusting the packing machine, ... Read more
Pizza Ovens

The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Pizza Ovens

Welcome to Taylor UK's ultimate guide to commercial pizza ovens In this guide we will walk you through all of the different types of commercial pizza oven supplied by Taylor UK and HTG Extras. This will hopefully give you the information you need to make an informed decision on choosing the right pizza oven for your business. What is a pizza oven? All ovens cook pizza - right? Well yes, that is true but some do it far better than others... The defining difference between ... Read more

High Speed Oven Guide

Welcome to our ultimate guide to choosing the right high speed oven for your business. In this guide we will explain the differences between the different models of high speed oven, the principles on how they work, and the applications which they're best suited for. Lets get started... What is a High Speed Oven or Rapid Cook Oven? There are many terms which get used to describe high speed ovens like those manufactured by Pratica. These include; accelerated cooking, rapid cooking, speed cooking, microwave combi-cooking, ... Read more
Ventless deep fryer on a back counter

Ventless Cooking – Deep Frying

The Fast Chef Elite+ creates effortless and perfect frying in record time with its extraordinary, easy to use pre-programmable technology. No smoke, no odours, no mixing of flavours and most impressively no need for a ventilation canopy. The current pandemic has pushed a lot of foodservice business to adapt their approach and food offers to either simply survive or capitalise on the changes in consumer demand. The rapid rise in takeaway, click & collect, and home delivery services has created a whole new ... Read more
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