Commercial Bake Off Oven Guide

Commercial Bake Off Oven GuideCommercial Bake Off Oven Guide

What is a bake off oven?

All ovens are created equal, aren’t they? In short no. There’s a wide variety of different types of oven, from a huge number of different manufacturers. In essence they’re all metal boxes which get hot but there’s so much more to it than that. Having the correct type of oven for your business can make all the difference. Having the right oven can increase productivity, improve product quality, create efficiencies and can also simplify your operation.

So what is a bake off oven… Bake off ovens are specifically designed to bake dough based products like breads, muffins, cakes, pastries and cookies/biscuits. That being said, they can be used to cook anything a regular oven can, but the features and functions have been focused on baking which can make them less suitable for other products, especially cooking raw proteins and fatty products.

How are commercial bake ovens different to other types?

Commercial bake off ovens have functions which can control the humidity within the cooking chamber. This is controlled by injecting water on to the heating element which generates steam, combined with the opening and closing of the vent or flue on the oven. These functions can be controlled manually by the operator or can be programmed into the oven to automate the process.

This can be achieved in a regular oven by simply pouring water into the hot oven as the product is put in. This is fine for one-off bakes but is very inconsistent for regular use.

Different products require different temperatures, different levels of humidity, for different lengths of time and at different points during the baking process. Using a commercial oven specifically designed to bake off dough products, you can program specific profiles which control the temperature, the humidity level, rest time and overall bake time. This creates an automatic baking process which ensures consistent results each bake.

Introducing the Eloma Backmaster EB30 MT

Commercial Bake Off Oven Guide

Backmaster EB30 MT

Eloma has produced a compact bake off oven called the Backmaster (from the German Bäckermeister which means Master Baker). The Backmaster combines years of baking expertise into a compact oven which can be installed almost anywhere. The functionality of the Backmaster makes it ideal for all types of operator from seasoned professionals to part-time weekend staff. The oven can be used in ‘manual’ mode which allows the operator to control every element of the baking process. Alternatively the oven can be programmed with every aspect of the baking process allowing any staff member to recreate the perfect bake without having to do anything other than press a button.

Features of the Backmaster include:

Touch Screen Controls – Manual mode – time, temperature, humidity level, rest time and flue venting can all be controlled ‘on-the-fly’ by simply sliding the controls or typing. This gives professionals the ability to tell the oven precisely what they want it to do.

Program Mode – specific baking profiles can be programmed into the oven, along with a picture. Once programmed, the oven will cook consistently each time regardless of the operator on duty. This eliminates inconsistency. Multiple products can be chosen at the same time, for example croissants, pain au raisin and Danish pastries, providing great flexibility and efficiency for multi-site operators.

Fresh Steam System (an invention by Eloma) – Fresh steam is generated by Eloma’s patented heat recovery system and is directly injected into the dispersion tube. This saves energy and creates live steam (humidity) within seconds without preheating. This ensures efficient distribution of the moisture throughout the cooking chamber for an even rise and bake.

Flexible Options – Backmaster can be supplied with either a left or right hinged door. This makes the oven suitable for installation in any area of the kitchen or on a back counter without disrupting the workflow. If extraction and utilities are an issue, the Backmaster can be fitted with a condensation hood to catch excess steam and a onboard water tank to provide the humidity.

Automatic Door Release – to prevent over baking, the Backmaster will automatically open the door when the baking cycle has ended. This releases the excess heat, stopping the cooking process preventing the over cooking of the product.

Why is temperature and humidity control important?

Temperature – having accurate control of the temperature is very important. If you think the oven is at 200ºC then it needs to be at that temperature. A lot of ovens use mechanical thermostats which have a ‘range’ of control which can allow the temperature to drift as much as 10ºC above or below the set point. This isn’t good and can lead to inconsistent results. Eloma use solid state controls which are far more accurate.

Humidity – the steam injected at the beginning of the cook cycle allows raw dough products time to rise and expand before the crust forms. This improves the yield of the product producing a better looking product with a more even overall finish. The programable vent control allows the moisture to be released from the cook chamber as quickly or slowly as the baker requires. Having precise control over the moisture allows the baker to control the crust level of their products, giving the specific finish which they desire.

Bake off ovens for use across catering…

Bake off ovens aren’t just for bakers, they can be used by a number of different sectors within the catering sector.

Bakeries & Patisseries

Commercial Bake Off Oven GuideThe obvious place for a bake off oven is a bakery or patisserie. Having a reliable, precise oven is an integral part of this type of business. There’s no point creating amazing recipes if you don’t have a consistent way of baking them. The Backmaster may be a little too compact for large operations or production kitchens but it would be the ideal solution for smaller operators or ‘satellite’ sites which don’t have the space for a traditional oven. The precise baking functions make it a great option for multi-site operators who struggle to find skilled staff, allowing them to automate a process which would usually be quite technical.

Convenience Stores & Garage Forecourts

Commercial Bake Off Oven GuideConvenience retail is a growing sector, especially following the global pandemic. The Backmaster bakes equally well with both a fresh or frozen product. Installing it in a grab ‘n go style operation gives you the ability to bake off products which are stored frozen. A huge variety of pre-prepared products can be purchased from frozen food suppliers. Operationally, all you need to do is take the product from the freezer, place the product on a baking tray, and place it in the oven an select the correct program. The oven does all of the thinking ensuing that consistent results are produced every time regardless of the staff on duty. Baked products can then either be bagged for grab and go, or displayed in a retail display counter like the ISA Metro.

Baking your own can help reduce wastage….

Contract Caterers

Commercial Bake Off Oven GuideContract catering covers a huge variety of applications from full service restaurants to pop up coffee shops in office spaces. A Backmaster, which has a condensation hood fitted, is an ideal solution for small satellite operations which don’t necessarily have full kitchens. Having the ability to freshly bake morning goods and bread products on site will impress clients without adding costs or additional skill requirement. Baking from frozen on site helps reduce wastage as you only need to cook what you need and can ‘top-up’ whenever the need arises.

Small Supermarkets & Farm Shops

Freshly baked breads and pastries are a big draw for supermarkets and farm shops. Often there isn’t the space or the power capacity to install full bakeries. The Backmasters 20amp single phase power makes installation simple, even on a back counter in a serving area. The automated baking process means that any staff member can bake off a selection of products from either fresh or frozen. The automatic door opening at the end of the cycle prevents items from over cooking which is especially useful when staff have other jobs to do at the same time.

The smell of freshly baked pastries will entice customers….

Cafes & Coffee Shops

Croissants, Danish pasties and pain au chocolate are staples of every coffee shop and cafe. Buying in fully baked products are an easy option but don’t compare against a freshly baked one. The Backmaster is compact enough to fit on the back counter of the shop, taking up minimal space. The humidity control helps increase the rise of the product giving a visually more appealing product compared to a conventional convection oven, which will make your shop standout against your competitors. Customers get a better product without any additional cost or labour on your part.

Delis & Sandwich Shops

Baking off baguettes and rolls fresh every morning will make your offer standout over your competitors. It’s often a cheaper option as well. Adding a bake off oven like the Backmster to your operation will allow you to increase your product offer whist controlling product costs. Customers like consistency, the Backmaster’s automatic baking processes ensures consistent results every time.

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