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Orved SV_Thermo Sous Vide Cooking

Sous Vide Water Bath for Precision Slow Cooking

Orved SV-Thermo is the only thermostatic bath on the market, that has a temperature sensor present in the tub and 3 special high precision probes for temperature control directly in the heart of the product.

Completely made of Stainless Steel, it is ideal for cooking under vacuum at low temperature. Thanks to its reduced size and practical handles, combined with the catering cooking operation, will allow you to always cook under vacuum in any room.

When working, the Orved SV-Thermo does not generate unpleasant smells or smoke, therefore there’s no need to place it under an extraction ot recirculating hood.

The unit is equipped with separate hot water, cold water and drain connections, which automatically control the water level and temperature. The SV-Thermo is programmable, it can manage management of 6 water levels, three independent core probes, four cooking modes, delayed start options with overnight cooking in “Ice” mode, and four independent timers.

AISI304 stainless steel structure, thermal insulation and joints guarantee maximum efficiency, uniformity and temperature precision.

Features of the Orved SV-Thermo include:

  • Casing and tank in AISI304 stainless steel, fine electropolished tank; handles for ease transport; waterproof protection degree IPX3
  • Tempered glass lid that can be mounted on the right or left depending on the need, with chromed aluminum die-cast hinges
  • 1600W heating element distributed over the entire bottom of the tank, with an internal auxiliary ventilation system for cooling the electronic components
  • High accuracy of the water bath (+/- 0.5 ° C) and three core probes (+/- 0.3 ° C), using PT1000 class A probes
  • Double thermal insulation of the tank and the perimeter frame with interposed silicone gasket, to guarantee maximum energy saving and reduce the risk of scalding on the surfaces of the machine and the upper stainless steel frame
  • Hot water, cold water and drain connection that allow numerous variations of the cooking process, equipped with solenoid valves and outside accessible, cleanable water filters
  • 6 programmable water levels, managed automatically
  • 3 programmable core probes, each with independently settable temperatures and timers
  • Digital controls with four displays that allows to program 99 user programs, 4 cooking modes, 4 timers, 3 core temperatures, bath temperature, water level, simple delayed start and delayed start with overnight cooking using the “ice” function
  • Four cooking modes: timed with switching off at the end of the cycle, timed with cooling at the end of the cycle, timed with minimum temperature maintained at the end of the cycle, “manual” / catering for use outdoors without water connections
  • Delayed start-up for products stored at 3 ° C with the help of granular ice inserted in the tank and gradual melting at the beginning of cooking, automatically managed
  • Stainless steel bag holder with seven removable compartments for immersion and positioning of sous vide cooking bags containing the food.

Technical Specifications:

  • Bodywork: stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 427 x 700 x 380h mm
  • Capacity: 27 lt.
  • Weight: 23 kg
  • Power Requirements: 230V/50Hz/1Ph – 13amp
  • Max power absorption: 1600 W

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