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TurboChef i3 Touch

Utilising TurboChef’s patented technology to rapidly cook food without compromising quality, the TurboChef i3 Touch oven provides superior cooking performance while requiring less space and consuming less energy than conventional ovens.


  • 7-inch capacitive touch screen with tempered glass cover
  • Simple and intuitive controls
  • Integral recirculating catalytic converter for UL listed ventless operation*
  • Independently controlled dual motors for vertically recirculated air impingement
  • Top launched microwave system
  • Stirrer to help ensure even distribution of air and microwave
  • External air filtration
  • Vent catalyst to further reduce emissions
  • Smart menu system capable of storing up to 200 recipes
  • Flash firmware updates via USB
  • Programmable via USB
  • Single or dual-temperature interface
  • Self-diagnostics for monitoring oven components and performance
  • Warranty – 1 year parts and labour

Machine type: Rapid Cook Impingement oven with Microwave and Touch Screen Controls

Power requirements: 1x 40amp Single phase or 32amp Three Phase

Dimensions: 540mm (h) x 622mm (w) x 794mm (d)

Counter top.

Programmable: 200 Menu Items programmable via USB

Ideal for all applications including; Restaurants, Bistros, Bars, Canteens, Coffee Shops, Cafes, Fish & Chip Shops

Asparagus and Parma Ham

Grilled Vegetables

Baked Cod

Grilled & Baked Fish

Roast Pork Loin

‘a la Carte’ Cooking

Full English Breakfast

Room Service

Toasted Sandwich

Sandwich Itms


14″ Pizzas

*Vent-less certification is for all food items except for foods classified as “fatty raw proteins”. Such foods include bone-in, skin-on chicken, raw hamburger meat, raw bacon, raw sausages, steaks etc. If cooking these types of foods, it is the customers responsibility to contact their local authorities to ensure compliance with ventilation requirements.


TurboChef i3 Touch

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