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Storage Freezers & Blast Freezers

ISA Plug-In back of house refrigeration, freezers and blast freezers/chillers ideal for the perfect preservation of all frozen foods and ice cream. Taylor UK has a range of commercial freezer units to suit your needs.

ISA Marin

ISA – Marin Upright Display Freezer

The ISA Marin is an upright, glass fronted display freezer that’ available with either static or ventilated refrigeration.

ISA GE Freezer

ISA GE – Upright Storage Fridge or Freezer

The ISA GE is a back of house general purpose upright storage cabinet available as either a refrigerator or freezer.

ISA Labor 2021

ISA – Labor Upright Napoli Storage Freezer

The ISA Labor is a back of house freezer specifically designed to store freshly frozen ice creams and gelato.

ISA Zero Blast Freezers

ISA – Zero Blast Freezers

To preserve your ice cream and gelato in the best way possible or blast chill hot food in the safest way possible with a ISA Zero blast freezers.


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