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At Taylor UK we have all the gelato machine equipment you need for making the perfect Artisan Ice Cream and Gelatos with a range of batch freezers, pasteurisers and combination machines by Frigomat. Gelato making can be a profitable addition to your business and provide a great profit if your cafe, coffee shop, restaurant or even looking to start your own ice cream shop. Use our profit calculator to find out the potential profits you could make for selling gelato at your business. 

Gelato Making

Gelato Maker

Gelato Making Equipment

Based in the centre of the Italian manufacturing heartland near Milan, Italy. Frigomat have designed and manufactured artisan ice cream pasteurisers, batch freezers, combination machines and

Gelato Maker

Frigomat Combination Machines

cream cookers for over forty five years. The range encompasses everything you need to manufacture ice creams, gelatos and sorbets from scratch. If you’re unsure of your requirements, join us at our development kitchen for one of our gelato making training demonstrations.

Find out everything you need to know about making your own gelato in our ‘Make your own Gelato Guide’ Read it HERE  >>>

Gelato Maker

Counter Top Batch Freezers

In conjunction with ISA, an acknowledged manufacturer of professional refrigerated display cabinets, Taylor UK are truly able to offer a ‘one stop’ shop for your new ice cream business or help refurbish of your existing business with our ‘In House’ design service, equipment supply, bespoke shop fitting, project management, staff training and aftercare packages.

Gelato Maker

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Machines for making gelato…

  • Gelato Maker

    Frigomat Pasteurisers

    Counter top batch freezers – Make up to 2.5kg of fresh ice cream per batch. The timer controls the continual or cyclic freezing process with preservation function at the end of the cycle.
  • Pasteurisers – Available in 30, 60 or 130 litre configurations, these automatic pasteurisers heat, hold and chill your mixes ensuring quality, consistent, safe results every time.
  • Automatic horizontal batch freezers – Freeze anything between 2 and 15 kg of ice cream per batch, quickly, consistently and automatically using the Frigomat electronic freezing control system.
  • Gelato Maker

    Vertical Batch Freezers

    Vertical batch freezers – Create traditional artisan ice creams and gelato in batches of 4 to 11kg per cycle. The timer controlled freezing process is perfect for ‘hands on’ operators.
  • Combination heater/batch freezers – Go from raw ingredients to finished gelato in as little as twenty minutes! A truly artisan machine perfect for seasoned professionals and amateurs alike.
  • GX batch freezer/displays – Available in 2, 4 and 8 flavour configurations; freeze, display and serve perfectly frozen ice cream and gelato straight from the machine.
  • Gelato Maker

    Frigomat Cream Cookers

    Heaters – The Frigomat Mix 8 heater is designed to sit on top of your Titan Series horizontal batch freezer, turning it in to a combination freezer. The perfect solution for budget conscious businesses or those wh want to move to the ‘next step’.
  • Cream Cookers – Our range of cream cookers take making pastry products to the next level… On top of making your gelato or ice cream base mixes, with a cream cooker you can produce set custards, puddings, jams, marmalade, pastry creams, temper chocolate and so much more. A machine for true professionals!
  • Blast Chillers – Safely, rapidly chill or freeze your products.
Gelato Maker

Batch Freezer Displays

Gelato Maker

Horizontal Batch Freezers

Gelato Maker

ISA Blast Freezers

Request a FREE One-to-One Demonstration

Gelato Making ONE-on-ONE Demonstrations

It’s true, you can spend weeks, months or even years learning the art of Gelato making from some of the finest masters in Italy. But is that really necessary?

Join us for half a day at the Taylor UK demonstration centre and we’ll walk you through the process of making your own Gelato, going from raw ingredients to finished products in a matter of hours.

Areas covered in our FREE half day ONE-on-ONE introductory gelato making sessions include:

Ingredients & recipes.

Pasteurisation and making a base mix.

Flavouring and freezing your Gelato or Ice Cream.

Displaying, Storing and serving your freshly made Gelato.

Providing you with a complete solution on how to introduce homemade Ice Cream and Gelato in to your business; catering for most budgets and applications.

Contact our sales office FREE on 0800 838 896 or click HERE to find out more.

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Gelato Maker
Counter Top Batch Freezers – perfect for restaurants and smaller operators.
Pasteurisers – available in 3 different capacities, ideal for most applications.
Automatic Horizontal Batch Freezers – produce perfect ice cream, gelato and sorbets at the push of a button.
Vertical Batch Freezers – traditional equipment for artisans.
Batch Freezer Display Units – make and serve authentic Italian Gelato right in front of your customers eyes.
Combination Machines – produce perfect gelato from raw ingredients in a matter of minutes.
Cream Cookers – fully automatic cookers, perfect for making ice cream bases, creams, custards, jams and so much more!

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Gelato MakerGelato MakerGelato Maker

Gelato Maker